DJ Sasha - Vintage, Feb 91
1. The Associates - Waiting For The Loveboat (Extended Voyage)
2. Natural Experience - Dont Leave Me (Im With U) "come on and do it, get into it" female/keys
3. Output - Clap Your Hands (Just Somebody) (Luv Dub & Rap Version) "clap your hands everybody & everybody just clap your hands" male rap
4. L.A.N.D.R.O & Co - Zodiac Lady [New Music International]
5. Trilogy - Love Me Forever Or Love Me Not (Civilles & Cole Dub Dub Mix)
6. Leftfield - More Than I Know [Outer Rhythm]
7. Bomb The Bass - Undertand This [Rhythm King]
8. MC Buzz B - Never Change (Promo Mix)
9. The Cover Girls - Funk Boutique [Epic]
10. Pal Joey - Party Time [Loop D Loop]
11. Ceybil Jefferies - Love So Special (Dub)
13. Umosia - We Are Unity (Miller Mix)
14. Eleanor Johnson - Reach Out [SBK]
15. Nouveaux Nation - Its Just A Dream (House Of Music Mix) [House Jam] piano/stuttery vocal
16. Propaganda - Your Wildlife (Wet 'N' Wildlife Mix)

16. Propaganda - Your Wildlife (Wet 'N' Wildlife Mix) (cont)
17. KC Flightt - Jump For Joy (Black Box Remix)
18. K-Alexi - Dont Cha Want It
19. Karma - M Baby
20. JTQ feat McKoy - Love The Life (Morales 12" Version)
21. Concett Bradley - Paradise (Brand-X Vocal Mix) "take me to paradise" female/piano
22. Brother Makes 3 - Do Ya Wanna Dance (Brother Makes Dub) "dance to the music, gonna make you dance" female
23. Lovebase- Message (Massage Mix) "the message is love" female/piano
24. House Rock - Our Love Is Thru [Echo USA] "our love is true" male/piano
25. Silk feat Gussie B - I Cant Take No More (Freestyle Mix)
26. DJ Delite Vol.I - I Said I Like It [Jazzy]
27. Safire - Made Up My Mind (Red Zone Dub)
28. Richard Rogers - Spread A Little Love (Street Party Mix)
29. Fun 4 Fun - Relax Your Soul (M.K.s Amazin Strip Show Version) "get up and party" piano
30. D.Twins - Falling (10 Dance Mix) [Polydor] female/downtempo

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