DJ Sasha @ Velvet, Miami, Sept 1994 (61min)
1. Timeless - Spice (Timelesspace Mix) [UMM] "the spice extends life, the spice is vital to space travel" female vocal from Dune film
2. Pob - Strata (Clanger Remix)
3. Pob - Strata (Seismix)
4. Floorjam - Stoneage "everybodys feeling" male / funky guitar
5. Secret Life - She Holds The Key "I believe in you and me" male
6. Mr Roy - Something About You "like I cant see me" (had nikita warren piano)
7. Anna Nas - Anna Nas [Big Fish Music] "wooh" female/panflute
8. Bjork - Violently Happy (Fluke Well Tempered)
9. Nicky Hunter - Infatuation (Underground Evolution Mix) [Discomagic] "imagination, boy im watching you too" female
10. Sasha - Animal Qat (inst / strings / ethnic chanting at break)
11. Yothu Yindi - Treaty (Djulpan/Seven Sisters Mix) 1992

comment: possibly done by Kimball Collins

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