DJ Sasha "Unknown Mix" 1990 (46min)
1. Plez - I Cant Stop (Rainforest Mix) [Loaded]
2. Cisco Ferreira - Why (Dont You Answer) [Fragile] "talk to me, why dont you answer" male
3. Octave One - I Believe
4. The Neutral Zone - Outer Space [Optimism] bleepy
5. Panic - Voices Of Energy (Mix 2) [Ozone]
6. Adventures Of Stevie V - Dirty Cash (Money Talks) (Red Zone Mix)
7. The Chosen - Visions Of Life ep
8. Mental Mayhem - Where Are They Hiding
9. Subliminal Aurra - It Puts Me In The Mood "i love the way you shake it, it puts me in the mood" mae rap
10. New Rhythm - Time Travel [Strictly Rhythm]
11. Ital Rockers - Ital's Anthem [Bassic]
12. Mr Monday - Inflating Plastic Explodable (Live At The Brain LP)
13. Mode 4 - Kuntas Dream [Spidercom] "whats your name, say it" male

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