DJ Sasha @ Transmission 30th July 1995 (2xTape)
1. Ruby Turner - Change (Tiempo's Don't Phone Us We're In The Dub Mix)
2. Stefano Noto - Inside Out (Fathers Of Sound Moontrip Dub) [UMM]
3. Key Statements - Over You (Bounce Productions Storm Mix) [Soiree] female scat
4. Londonbeat - Come Back (Morales Deep Dub) inst with piano
5. Rhythm Source - Love Shine (Joe T Vannelli Tribal Mix) "make me feel alright" female
6. Dangerous Society - Danger Zone (Guitar Mix) [UMM] "danger" whitney vocal sample / electric guitar
7. Robbie Craig - Special (David Morales Mix) "your so special, weve got a special love, i know im rushing just an ultimate high"
8. JT Company - Feel It - In The Air (Joe T. Vannelli Evolution Dubby Mix)
9. Luther Vandross - Aint No Stoppin Us Now (Dead Zone) "come on, aint gonna be no, aint gonna be no" female
10. Donna Allen - Real (Morales Remix) "I dont want it, I dont need it baby zeus, zeus" bird noises (known)
11. Joe Roberts - Come Together (Joe T Vannelli Remix) "my enemy, crucify me, wildest dreams"
12. Justine - Be Sexy (Woodwater Dub) [UMM]
13. Ce Ce Peniston - Keep Givin Me Your Love (Boss Mix) "the thing, the thing"
14. BT - Quark

Tape 2
14. BT - Quark (cont)
15. Moby - Into The Blue (The Buzz Boys Main Room Mayhem Mix) [Mute]
16. Daphne - Change [Stress]
17. Microman - Microhouse (More Than 14 Min Mix) [Plumphouse]
18. The Human League - John Cleese: Is He Funny ? (Self Preservation Society Mix)
19. Blue Amazon - Star Of David [Jackpot]
20. Mozaic - Sing It, The Hallelujah Song (Quivver Dirt Dub) [Perfecto]
21. Shiva - Freedom (BTs Subconscious Freedom) [FFRR]
22. Tilt - I Dream (Perfecto)
23. Billie Ray Martin - Your Loving Arms (Brothers In Rhythm Club Mix)
24. Marshal Stax - Switchead "lets go, get with the beat" male 

original tape cover

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