DJ Sasha - UK Tour @ Hacienda, 17th Dec 1994
1. Voice Of The Paradise - Atmosphere (No Voice Version) [Area] mellow inst
2. Ti.Pi.Cal. - I Know (Per-Version Mix) "i know ....ill make it come on strong, im the kind of girl, no I dont want this" female
3. Groove Island - Music [Subway Records] "music with more muscle, the home of the big beat"
4. Duke - So In Love With You (Pizzaman 5am Dub) [Virgin] vocoder voice
5. Shara Nelson - Down That Road (Morales D Tunnel Mix) [Cooltempo]
6. Sade - Pearls (Phillip Damien Remix) [White Label]
7. Annabella Lwin - Car Sex (Back Seat Journey) "yes yes yes, come with me, just what i like" moaning female
8. Hard Corey & Martini - Heaven (F.O.S. Trascendent Dub) "ohhh yeah, do do do" sounds like prince
9. Hard Corey & Martini - Heaven (Luv Mix) [D:vision Records] "could heaven ever be like this"

9. Hard Corey & Martini - Heaven (Luv Mix) [D:vision Records] "could heaven ever be like this" 
10. RMX - The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (Marvin & Hornbostel Remix) [One Way Records]
11. BT - Nocturnal Transmission [MusicNow] flute
12. SLP - Supernova (The Aquarius Mix) [Skunk] "you know how to love me"
13. Buzzin Cuzzins & Romanthony - Let Me Show You Love (Bad Yard Club Mix) [Azuli]
14. Histerya - Love Nature (Joy & Kaya Remix) [P&P] "show all your lovin yeah"
15. Tenth Chapter - Prologue (Atlas 1st Addition Mix) [Guerilla] inst / timpani drums
16. Wiggle - CoiD! (Clonk Mix) [Undercontrol] "come on" harp at breakdown
17. 5 Guys Named Framm - No Needs (Rhythm Authority Zimbawe Rmx) [Union] "hey ow, there are times in our lives we withhold our thoughts, dont hold back" spoken female
18. Deep Rhythm - Deep Rhythm (Deep Mix) [Night Department] "hu, rhythm" male (briefly)

comment: seen this mix going around with a few different tape covers, Elite Sounds - Hyperactive presents Live In The Mix Sasha Vol.4, Sasha - Lost In Space

original tape cover

orig tape cover  orig tape cover  orig tape cover  orig tape cover

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