DJ Sasha - Studio Mix, Jan 94
is actually DJ Sergio - Club Mix, Jan 94

1. Aretha Franklin - A Deeper Love (Bad Yard Club)
2. River Ocean - Love & Happiness (Yemaya Y Och¨n)
3. The Fog - Been A Long Time
4. Livin Large - Love Is What We Need "do it yall"
5. Gabrielle - Because of You (Man City Mix) [Go Beat]
6. Anna Din - Angel (Dub) [Big Fish Music] "so good, so good"
7. Boomshanka - Movin [Slip N Slide] "louder" repeated female/piano
8. Hanson & Nelson - Move In Motion (Part 2) [Effective] "this is a dangerous place, but i like it" timpani
9. Our Tribe feat Franke Pharoah - Love Come Home (Dignity Piano Mix)
10. Glass Angel - Metamorphosis [Bareface Records] "feeling" female / dreamy
1. Amos - Only Saw Today / Instant Karma "and we all shine on" male / piano
2. The House Of Zekkariyas - Secret Star (Sasha Mix)
3. Hedningarna - Kruspolska (Qat Dub)
4. Young Braves - Reach
5. Saint Etienne - Pale Movie (Secret Knowledge Trouser Assassin Mix) [Heavenly]
6. Heitor - Ligeirin (Afron Version) [EastWest]
7. Steve Banzara - Birimbau (Jungle Progressive) [Chameleon] chimes
8. Incognito - Pieces Of A Dream (Samba Sensational Mix)
9. The Patrol - Give It Up "give it up, give it up" male/funky guitar
10. Dimitri & Jaimy - (Fluid Harmony) On The Disco Train [Outland] samba inst with funky bassline / piano
11. DJ Pierre - We Gonna Funk (P&Cs 9am Ultimate Mix) "you got the funk, i wanna funk" piano

original tape cover

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