DJ Sasha - Studio Set, Early '94
1. Transformer 2 - Fruit Of Love
2. Flipped Out - Everybody Is Somebody (PP Orange Mix) female / piano
3. B.M.EX - Feel The Drop (Renaissance Mix)
4. Judy Cheeks - So In Love (The Real Deal) (Sasha Qat Mix)
5. Global Groove - Body Baby (Sid's Deep Mix) "ooh ow" female/spanish guitar
6. Sector 7 - Reach (Joshua Mix) "feel yeah" female/piano
7. Meltdown - Meltdown (Reactor Mix) "come on now, take me higher, im burning yeah" acidy
8. Boomshanka - Gonna Make You Move [Slip N Slide] "gonna make ya move" repeated female/piano
9. Rhyme Time Productions - From This Moment On "well be together"
10. Boomshanka - Movin [Slip N Slide] "louder" repeated female/piano

1. Last Rhythm - The Silent Voice [Disco Magic UK]
2. Jerusalem - Jerusalem (King Solomans Mix) [Om Records] "I need, I need it" female
3. Morgan King - Im Free (Leftfield Dub Mix) [Om Records] "yeah" female/loud bass
4. Blast feat VDC - Crayzy Man (F.O.S. In Progress Mix)
5. The Cotton Club - Lose Control (Cotton Wool ep) "its time to get busy baby, so I can lose control" female/broken beats
6. The Spirit - The Spirit (Into Your Hands, I Command My Body) (Spiritual Mix) "the spirit is taking me higher"
7. Horse - Celebrate (Fluke's Magimix) stuttery whailing female
8. N.Y. Connection - In Front / Wan' It (Original Mix) "I want it baby"
9. U2 - Lemon (Perfecto Mix)
10. Flipped Out - Everybody Is Somebody (helicopter outro)

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