DJ Sasha @ Space (Soak/Up Yer Ronson Ibiza Tour) Aug 94
1. BT - Embracing The Sunshine (Sasha's Mix)
2. Groove Island - Music [Subway Records] "music with more muscle, the home of the big beat"
3. USL - Dance With Me (vocal samples from age of love)
4. Zeitia Massiah - This Is The Place [X-Cutting]
5. Marco Polo - A Prayer To The Music (John Digweed & Nick Miur's Northern Exposure Mix)
6. Overlords Of The UFO - Imagine ep [Enlightenment Records] "moving through time & space with no destination, imagine" vocoder vocals
7. BT - Poseidon (v briefly)
1. Wiggle - CoiD! (Clonk Mix) [Undercontrol] "come on" harp at breakdown
2. Histerya - Love Nature (Joy & Kaya Remix)
3. Opus III - Hand In Hand (Looking For Sweet Inspiration)
4. Route 66 - Revolution
5. BT - Nocturnal Transmission
6. Yum Yum - 3 Minute Warning [Sperm Records] "get up, gotta get up" female
7. C.A.P. - Rising (Original Mix) [Seven Valley Record]
8. Suzie Carr - All Over Me (Club Mix)
9. Kylie Minogue - Confide In Me (Big Brothers Mix)

comment: an extended version of this set is released as: Capeople presents Sasha
Original Tape Cover

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