DJ Sasha @ Up Yer Ronson, Leeds, 16th April 93
The Music Factory

1. Taana Gardner - What Can I Do For You (Radio Edit) female / piano
2. Lovestation feat Lisa Hunt - Shine On Me (Tunnel Mix) "i need your love to shine on me"
3. Chez Damier - Help Myself [KMS] male / funky guitar / piano
4. Gemolotto, Leomas, Fabrice present Venus - Work It! (In Sex We Trust Mix)
5. System 7 - Depth Disco (Extended Mix) "hit me" male
6. Sueno Latino - Luxoria [DFC]
7. The Reese Project - Free At Last "everybody wants to be free"
8. Spooky - Schmoo [Guerilla] "ooh aha, come onto me" female
9. Outdance - Reality (4am Mix) [Calypso Records] "oh yeah" male
10. Sounds Of Blackness - Joy (Momo Def Version)
11. M People - How Can I Love You More (Sashas Ambient Dub)
12. Sub Sub - Aint No Love (Aint No Use)
13. Solar Plexus - Submerged (sax)
14. Mukkaa - Buruchacca [Limbo] "gonna be gonna be alright"
15. Boomshanka - Do You Have The Power [Cowboy] stuttery female / piano
16. MAW feat India - I Cant Get No Sleep "ive got to have your love, im thinking of you"
17. Just Jooce - Let's Go Round Again (Andrew Komis First Choice Revamp) [Network]
18. The Reese Project - Direct Me [Network]
19. Robin S - Show Me Love (Stonebridge Club Mix)
20. Robin S - Show Me Love (AKA Remix)
21. MK - Burning

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