DJ Sasha & Jeremy Healy - Rooster Boxset 94
Tape 1 * Jeremy Healy *
1. Amos - Only Saw Today / Instant Karma (Cleveland City Vocal Mix) "and we all shine on" male / piano
2. J.K. - You Make Me Feel Good (Hyper Go Go Remix) 
3. The Foot Club - Driftwood (Hoof Mix) "ive got this feeling" female/piano/sax
4. Inner Tube - Pump Me Up! [Cheeky Chunes] "do do" female
5. Eddy - Someday (Diesel & Ether Live & Direct Mix)
6. Movin Melodies ep - P.A.R.T.Y. "party time in the place to be" male
7. Gat Decor vs Degrees Of Motion - Degrees Of Passion
8. Taiko - Echo Drop (Hard Mix) [Consolidated] "give me love" female 
9. X-Static - Im Standing (Higher) (Heavy Organ Mix) "im sending, the soul i send" female

9. X-Static - Im Standing (Higher) (Heavy Organ Mix) (cont)
10. Donna Giles - And Im Telling You Im Not Going (Poppers Full Delight Mix) "your gonna love me" female
11. Nush - U Girls
12. Livin Joy - Dreamer
13. Key Motion - Automatic Love (Red Jerry Goes Hooj Mix) [Escapade] "I wanna feel it" female
14. Tinman - 18 Strings
15. Abigail - Smells Like Teen Spirit
16. Zero B - Lock Up 
17. Outrage - Tall & Handsome (Tall Paul Remix)
18. Deadly Sins - We Are Going On Down (Bottom Dollar Club Mix)
19. Awesome 3 - Dont Go (Luvdup Mix) 
20. Movin Melodies - La Luna (The Ethics ep) "to the beat of the drum, bang bang"

Tape 2
20. Movin Melodies - La Luna (The Ethics ep) (cont)
* Sasha *
21. Yekuana - Thousand Rains (Fabric Of Life) (inst panflutes)
22. Hed Boys - Girls + Boys (Mo Head Mix) "come, party"
23. The Daou - Are You Satisfied (Bad Yard Dub) [Tribal] "I need somebody" piano/female scat
24. Rizzo - Feel It (TV Junkies Mix) [Tripoli Trax] "feel it" repeated whisper
25. Rebound - Make It Funky Now (Rebound ep) "aint it funky now" male scat
26. Joe Roberts - Adore (Red Jerry Mix) male scat
27. Lovechild & Rolfe - Time Travellers (Cowboy) "silent nation" male / stuttery strings / acidy
28. Blue - Spanish Lullaby (Sun-Up records) monks chanting
28. Blue - Spanish Lullaby (Sun-Up records) (cont)
29. The Reese Project - The Colour Of Love (Playboys Vocal) Network
30. F Machine - Lost In America (Floor Federation Club Mix)
31. Bump - House Stompin (Ramp Stompin Mix) Good Boy Records
32. Diss-Cuss - Save The Day (Emma Roid Mix) (Hooj)
33. Last Of The Free - The Search [Tribe] "move on, reaching out into other worlds" male
34. Motiv 8 - Rockin For Myself (Well Hung Dub) "does it make you feel good" female
35. Fly Baby - Fiesta (Way Out West Mix)
36. Floorjam - Stone Age (Deep Distraxion) "everybody feelin" funky guitar

comment: originally had listed as recorded @ Progress, July 94 but since been told Sasha never played Progress. 
original tape cover  original tape  original tape

also received this tape pack with a different cover. see pic below
original tape cover

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