Capeople Presents - Sasha Vol.1 [1994]
Side A (i had listed as - Sasha @ Space (Soak/Up Yer Ronson Ibiza Tour, Aug 94 A)
1. BT - Embracing The Sunshine (Sasha's Mix)
2. Groove Island - Music [Subway Records] "music with more muscle, the home of the big beat"
3. USL - Dance With Me (vocal samples from age of love)
4. Zeitia Massiah - This Is The Place [X-Cutting]
5. Marco Polo - A Prayer To The Music (John Digweed & Nick Miur's Northern Exposure Mix)
6. Overlords Of The UFO - Imagine ep [Enlightenment Records] "moving through time & space with no destination, imagine" vocoder vocals
7. BT - Poseidon (briefly)

Side B
7. BT - Poseidon (cont)
8. Sophie B Hawkins - Right Beside You (Extended Brain Remix)
9. Paz Pooba - Hold Me Tight
10. Spoonio - Do One More (Slo Moshun's Tribal One) "do you want more" male/timpani "wah" female "do one more" male
11. Quivver - Twist And Shout
12. First Llife - Be One Of Us
13. Ubiquity - Bolivian Angel (Dream Frequency Meets Rob Tissera Dj's Delight Mix) acidy/piano/panflute
14. Soul Surfers - Slip (Ravine Mix) [23rd Precinct] "enjoy the pleasure, let our souls be free" female / big tune
15. ASHA - JJ Tribute (Rob Tissera Meets Dream Frequency Mix)
16. Wiggle - CoiD! (Clonk Mix) [Undercontrol] "come on" harp at breakdown

Capeople Presents - Sasha & Graeme Park Vol.1 [1994]
Sasha side (i had listed as - Sasha @ Space (Soak/Up Yer Ronson Ibiza Tour, Aug 94 B)
16. Wiggle - CoiD! (Clonk Mix) [Undercontrol] "come on" harp at breakdown (cont)
17. Histerya - Love Nature (Joy & Kaya Remix)
18. Opus III - Hand In Hand (Looking For Sweet Inspiration)
19. Route 66 - Revolution
20. BT - Nocturnal Transmission
21. Yum Yum - 3 Minute Warning [Sperm Records] "get up, gotta get up" female
22. C.A.P. - Rising (Original Mix) [Seven Valley Records]
23. Suzie Carr - All Over Me (Club Mix)
24. Kylie Minogue - Confide In Me (Big Brothers Mix)

Graeme Park side
1. Erire - Shine (Clubzone Mix) "you go to let it shine"
2. Swing 52 - Color Of My Skin
3. Black Shells - The Anthem [Azuli] "dont make me wait" Goodmen beat/piano
4. Clubzone - Hands Up (UK Club Mix) "put your hands up in the air" female/piano
5. E'voke - I Believe [FFRR] "its in you, its in me, i believe when i fall in love with you it will be forever" female / piano
6. The Brand New Heavies - Back To Love (Graeme Park Remix)
7. Nightcrawlers - Push the Feeling On (MK's Dub Of Doom)
8. Juliet Roberts - I Want You (K-Klass Klub Mix) female/salsa i really want you baby i want you i need you (familiar)
9. Carleen Anderson - True Spirit (K Klass)

comment: the G Park side is similar to Graeme Park @ Up Yer Ronson, Oct 94, also received the G Park side labelled G Park @ Luv It, 1994

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