DJ Sasha (Tease 1) & Jim Shaft Ryan @ Miss Moneypennys 94
e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown tracks
* Sasha * (Tease 1)

1. The Mackenzie - Higher In The Sky (Original mix) inst with piano
2. Sandee - Notice Me (Afro Morning Mix) "hey yeah" female vocals
3. The Factory - T.I.M.E. (Climax Time) inst with rising sounds "if youve got the time"
4. Ascension - Move To The Music
5. Funtopia feat Jimi Polo - Do You Wanna Know (Gut Drum Mix)
6. Asli Tanriverdi - Eastern Lover "forever in your dreams" (ophra haza style female vocals)
7. Jody Watley - Ecstasy (Nocturnal Mix) [MCA]
8. Taiko - Echo Drop (Hard Mix) "give me love"
8. Taiko - Echo Drop (Hard Mix) "give me love" (cont)
9. Sound Of One - As I Am (Sound Factory Mix) "take me baby" piano/female vocals
10. Ozonic - Can You Feel (Instrumental) piano
11. Sasha & Sam Mollison - Higher Ground (Brothers in Rhythm Mix)
12. Paz Pooba - Hold Me Tight
13. Hard Corey & Martini - Heaven (Luv Mix) "could heaven ever be like this"
14. F Machine - Lost In America (Floor Federation Club Mix)
15. Jump - No Rich Fat Daddy [Dark Records] "dont waste no" repeated
16. Suzi Carr - All Over Me "I am what I am, let your love bring down on me, all over my body" piano/ female vocals
17. ??? "you hear my voice, you touch my soul" hammond/male vocals (briefly)

* Jim Shaft Ryan * April 94
1. Shape Navigator - Summers Promise (Vocal Mix) [Guerilla]
2. [05:10] ??? "come on come on" female/sax "baby yeah" male
3. [08:20] ??? "all of this" repeated male/piano/electric guitar (also on sign of the times 3)
4. David Morales & The Bad Yard Club - In De Ghetto
5. Nikita - Dreamer (Mashed Up Dub) "wake up dreamer" female/piano 
6. All Things Nice - Aural Drive [Bosting] "feel it, i can feel it" female scat/sax
7. Donna Giles - And Im Telling You Im Not Going (Poppers Full On Delight Mix)
8. Mr. Roy - Something About U (Mr. Roy's Red Label Mix) "ooh yeah" female/piano
9. Bump - House Stompin (Ramp Stomp Mix)
10. Hope - Tree Frog (Feel So Real Remix)
11. The Two Amigos - Los Puerbos (mc kinky / spanish guitar)

11. The Two Amigos - Los Puerbos (mc kinky / spanish guitar) (cont)
12. Respect - Young Hearts Run Free (Loveland Nrgetically Executed Dub) techno cat
13. Pressed For Time - Hallelujah To The Sax [Escapade] "hallelujah" piano
14. OT Quartet - Hold That Sucker Down (Builds Like A Skyscraper)
15. Solitaire Gee - Voodoo Stompin [Phat] "let it roll get bold" doug lazy sample
16. Motive 8 - Rockin For Myself (orig white label mix) "holding on right now baby" 
17. Floorjam - Stoneage "everybodys feeling" male / funky guitar
18. Taiko - Echo Drop (Hard Mix) 
19. Sublime - TGV [Limbo] synth
20. R.M Project - Rock To The Beat (Club Mix) "gimme another tune & ill rock to the beat" riff from Psychotropic - Hypnosis
21. Deep Piece - Torwart (Loud Bass Mix) [Limbo]

comment : also seen the sasha mix going around labelled as - Sasha___Chuff_Chuff_-_1993
 original tape cover original tape cover

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