DJ Sasha - Love Of Life, late 95 (aka House Masters)
1. Aetherius - Symphony of Drums [Swank]
2. Jai-Zed - Flight (Sonar Dub) [ST Recordings]
3. Jayn Hanna - Lovelight (Ride On A Love Train) (Innocent Vocal Mix) [VC]
4. Sunday Club - Altered State [Stress] "ooh baby" female
5. Y-Tribe - RIP (Original Mix) "your love, mercy mercy mercy" female / percussive
6. Sunday Club - Paladian Dawn [Stress] "listen"
6. Sunday Club - Paladian Dawn [Stress] "listen" (cont)
7. Phoenix - Here Comes Da Drums [Solid Silver Recordings] "here come the drums" male
8. Tilt - I Dream [Perfecto]
9. Zee - Dreamtime (Quivver Mix) [Perfecto] "just close your eyes" female
10. Meltdown - My Life Is In Your Hands (Blue Amazon Vocal Mix)
11. The Prodigy - Firestarter (Briefly mixed in)

comment: the Love Of Life tape is 63mins (tracks 3 - 9) some copies have June '96 printed on the cover

the House Masters tape is 85min
Original Tape Cover

Original Tape Cover

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