DJ Sasha @ Kiss100 FM, Mastermix, 7th Oct 93 (2hrs)
"just past 1am Thursday Morning, ill be here for the next 3 hours (1 till 4) and also the next three weeks"
(1am till 2:30)

1. BT - Embracing The Sunshine (Embracing The Future Mix) [Perfecto]
2. Cappella - U Got 2 Let The Music (DJ Pierre Trance Mix) [Internal]
3. Jomanda - Never (Sashas Remix) [Atlantic]
4. Liberation - Liberation 3 [Not On Label] "come on" male
5. XES - Its Only Your Mind (Apollo 440 Mix) [Ultrasonic Records]
6. Sandman - Templedrum [Limbo] male chanting
7. One Dove - Breakdown (Secret Knowledge Mix) [Boys Own] "break down and rise" female
8. In Full Effect - Feel It Now [Two Thumbs]

8. In Full Effect - Feel It Now [Two Thumbs] (cont)
9. The Grid - Texas Cowboys [DeConstruction] (talking @ 13mins)
10. Sasha - Animal Qat [DeConstruction]
11. Leftfield - Open Up (Dervish Overdrive mix) [Hard Hands]
12. Duran Duran - Drowning Man (D:Ream Ambient Mix)
13. Spooky - Somethings Got To Give [Guerilla] "ooh ooh ah ah" whailing female

(29min) extra bit (this is either from this night or the 21st Oct show)

1. Drum Club - Sound System (Underworld Mix) [Butterfly Records] "turn it up, turn it up" male
2. Sasha & Sam Mollison - Magic [DeConstruction]
3. Shock To The System - Shock To The System (Original Mix) [Black Vinyl Recordings] "deep act power" 
4.  Ritmo Rivals - Americano Slide [Planet 4]

Comment : if you have any more of this show please get in touch for a trade, there is another 60mins after this that im missing.

bootleg tape released on National Groove Movement

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