Sasha - Love Of Life, March '95 (Master Mix)
A Triangle Productions (63min)
1. 51 Days - Paper Moon [Touche] "so deep, so liquid" deep male spoken vocal / mellow
2. Babble - Beautiful (Blue Mix) female
3. Sharon S - Gimme Your Love (F.O.S. Guitar Dub)
4. Further Out feat Holly Higgins - Another Love (F.O.S. Paradise Dub) sitar
5. Joi Cardwell - Jump For Joi (Classic Vocal)
6. KAMA - No Trouble (Dub Inst) [Dig It International] "i dont need no trouble" female
7. Anadin - Angel (Dub) "so good, so good"
8. Pet Shop Boys - Go West (California Dreamin Dub) "you gotta go, you gotta go west baby" stuttery female vocal

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