DJ Sasha "Givin it up" on Kiss100 FM, Feb 93 (3hrs)
"hi your in tune to Sasha on Kiss FM, 3 hours of mixing, givin it up"
david attenborough spoken intro
1. Keiichi Suzuki - Satellite Serenade (Transasianexpress Mix)
2. Eagles Prey - Reverse The Silence [Guerilla]
3. Eden - Do U Feel For Me (Dark Forest Mix) [Logic]
4. Spooky - Schmoo (Steppin Razor Mix)
5. Moon Child - V.O.A.T (Variations of a Theme) "hold me, rock your body" piano
6. Virtualmismo - Mismo Plastico (Virtual Mismo Mix)
7. Virtualmismo - Mismo Plastico (Original Remix)
8. Helicopter - On Ya Way
9. Blood Runs Dry - All Of Your Mind [Skunk Records] "believe in, believe in" female
10. Soul Odyssey - Rapture (Original Mix) "eeh yeah"
11. Fishbone Beat - Always (Martini Beat Mix)
12. Robin S - Show Me Love (Briefly)
"in about an hour weve got a guest dj coming in, John Digweed doing a 20-30min mix, its Tuesday morning on Kiss FM"
ambient intro
13. Fluke - Slid (PDF mix)
14. Funk Machine - Lets Get This Party Started (Party Mix)
15. Fluke - Slid (Scat & Frenzy)
16. Hysterix - Talk To Me (Sashas Full On Mix) (DeConstruction) 2 copies
17. Disco Evangelists - De Niro (Spacelight Remix) (Positiva)
18. LA Factory - Synth Problem (Dig-It) "keep this frequency clear"
19. E-Lustrious - Givin You No Rest (E-Volutionary Remix) (very briefly)

Tape Two
19. E-Lustrious - Givin You No Rest (E-Volutionary Remix) (cont)
20. Alexander O'Neal - Love Makes No Sense (Brothers In Rhythm Dub)
21. CJ Bolland - Mantra [R&S]
22. Exoterix - Void
male spoken intro
23. Alphanex - Planet Hoskins
24. La Camorra - Oki-Dokey (Club Mix) [Pigeon Pie] "okey dokey roll em" male "ooh, take me away" loleatta holloway sample/keys
25. Doi-oing - Bosh! [Gee Zone]"goin out my head" stuttery female "eh ow ow"
26. Talizman - Only You [Cowboy Records]
Islamic call to prayer intro
27. Golden Girls - Kinectic (Frank De Wulf mix)
28. Barbarella - My Name Is Barbarella (My Name Is Barbarella / Spaceship)
29. Spicelab - Quicksand [Harthouse]
30. 69 - Ladies and Gentlemen [Carl Craig]
31. Bedrock - The 5th Essence (early version of For What You Dream Of)
John Digweed guest mix
32. Emojonal - Silence of Water
33. Solar Plexus - Dr Thirsty (Quff Original Mix) [Entity Rec]
34. Ramirez - La Musika Tremenda (DJ Ricci mix) (briefly)

original tape cover 

Comment : originally received this mix dated Oct 93 but then received the `sasha @ UYR feb 93` set which is similar to this set

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