Liver Bird Productions Presents -
DJ Sasha - Live Mix Summer 1994 (June)
Sounds Red

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1. Daydreemer - Rock Me Ba Ba [Confusion] electric guitar sounding riff
2. Rizzo - Feel It (TV Junkies Mix) [Tripoli Trax] "feel it" repeated whisper
3. Karmasutra - Nightwalk (Night Walk Version) in freaking out man bassline
4. Warp Factor 1 - Care 4 Me [Holographic]
5. Janice Robinson - Children (Joe T. Vanelli Totally Remix) "come onto me"
6. Kim English - Nite Life (Big Bump Mix) [Network] "its time to dance" female vocal
7. Sound Crowd - Think About It Please (Remix) [Red Records] samples yazoo
8. Cappella - Move On Baby (Ralf and Proffessor Mix) "you can just move along, move my"
9. Fishbone Beat - Feel It [Next] "can you feel it" female (briefly)
1. Nikita - Dreamer (Jules & Skins Inst) [G Force] inst / piano
2. X-Press 2 - Rock 2 House "how do you like it now" atmospheric intro with scratching (male rap)
3. [09:00] ??? "baby, make it funky, your body"
4. Morgan Heritage - Unjust World (Bad Yard Dub) [MCA] "such a feeling baby, you just know were living, work in a factory" male
5. Left Hand Down - Viva Dubs Pt 1 [White Label] "ooh baby yeah" female / piano
6. Duke - A New Beginning (Ramp Beginners Mix) "never gonna make it, you better get it, a brand new start" piano / male
7. Boomshanka - Take My Love [Cowboy] "in my love, in my, take my love" female / piano
8. Taiko - Echo Drop [Consolidated] "give me love" female
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