DJ Sasha - E-ssential Sounds 1991 (60min)
1. Outlander - TZ 1 (B1) [ZT]
2. Acen - Close Your Eyes
3. Outlander - TZ 1 (B2) [ZT] aka Next Step "love love me"
4. Introspex - Get Your Thing Together [DRA] "exctacy" has beat from charly
5. Hackney Hardcore - Dancehall Dangerous! (Dont Mess With Us! Mix) [Strictly Underground] scream
6. Laura D - Be Alright (Dub Mix) "stop running" female / acidy bassline
7. Urban Shakedown - Some Justice
8. World Beating System feat The Criminal Mindz - Dance Of The Parasites
9. O. Walters & T. Allen - Git 'N' Dare (Remix) [Mendoza] "oh black betty" has male rap
1. D D Hass - Who's Hous'N? [Underground Connection Records] "drop it" female
2. The Coma Kid - 1 Am Goodnite [Extravagance ep] inst
3. Break The Limits - E-Yeah
4. Salt Tank - Ease The Pressure [4 Real Communications] samples playing with knives
5. Back From Detox - Dove People [SU&D]
6. Marantz - The Dance Zone [Big Buzz] piano / bleeps "get off the mic before I get too hot"
7. Shotgun Assassins - Start The Panic [Hardcore Urban Music]
8. Xray Xperiments Vol.2 - Kick The Bass
9. Razor Boy & Mirror Man - Beyond Control [Rabbit City]
10. DJ Doc Scott - Surgery (NHS ep) [Absolute] samples pacific state
11. Hardcore 4 - No Sell Out [Blaag Records] "hardcore, no sell out" male

Comment : not convinced this is a sasha mix as its pretty hardcore tunes on here
original tape cover

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