Ian Ossia & Sasha @ Renasissance "Easter Special" 10th April 93 (46min)
Venue 44, Mansfield
1. O.M.D. - Stand Above Me (Transcendental Constant Viper Trip Mix) "dream of me" female / male scream / piano
2. Morgan King - Im Free (Leftfield Dub Mix) [Om] heavy bass
3. E-Lustrious - Givin You No Rest "hey buddy bud, roof" sax/piano
4. Tom Tom - 480 [Beeswax] stuttery female/synth
5. Stereogen - Hi-Q "I need freedom, attack the dancefloor like a bulldozer"
big siren intro/deep male voice
6. Sasha & Danny Campbell - Together (Qat Dub)
7. The Tribesmen - Hot & Horny (Whip Me Dub) [Harlequin] "whip me boy im hot and horny" male/acidy/whip noise
8. S1000 - Not Gonna Do It (Blacklodge Mix) [Deep Distraxion] male chanting
9. V.F.R - Tranceillusion (Original Mix)



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