Capeople presents - DJ Sasha 1994
1. Safar - Raheem (The Original Graceful Mix) whailing female (briefly) up & down strings
2. Virtue - Feeling Good (New Dawn) "its a new dawn, its a new day, and im feeling" Nina Simone vocals
3. Mory Kante - Mogo Djolo (Dub Inst Mix) [Going Global Series]
4. Carpe Diem - Snake Charmer (Dave Valentine Mix) "lose control"
5. Humate & Rabbit In The Moon - East (angelic female vocals/sirens)
6. First Life - Be One Of Us
7. Soul Surfers - Slip (Ravine Mix) [23rd Precinct] "rhythm in my soul, take control" female/big strings
8. Paz Pooba - Hold Me Tight
9. Floorjam - Stone Age "everybody feelin" funky guitar
1. Act Of Faith - Love Not Love (Solar Mix) "love love love, too strong" male
2. Head Rush - Underground (King-Size Mix) "I am what I am, live underground, I hear what I wanna hear" female
3. Alma Latina - To Get Up (Paolo Martini Hard Mix) "hey, sa mayo, walk on" male
4. Boomshanka - Be A Witness (What We Believe) [Xplicit Vinyl]
5. G.T.R. - Manco Cepas Revenge (Unorthodox But Effective Mix) [Planet Four Communications] female/acidy/miami beat at break
6. Michelle Sweeney - This Time (Ramp Next Time Mix) [Atlantic] "ive got to feel it, ive got to have you" female
7. Westbam - Bam Bam Bam (Moby Dub Mix) "i am funky do or die" repeated female  
8. Billie Ray Martin - Your Loving Arms
9. 108 Grand - Tonight (Vox Remix) stuttery female (briefly) 

comment : I first received this mix labelled as Sasha & Graeme Park but since been told its only Sasha playing.

similar to - DJ Sasha (with Tony De Vit) Chuff Chuff Collection '94

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