DJ Sasha @ Barbarellas, Orlando, Sept 1994 (52min)
1. Deep Rhythm - Deep Rhythm (Deep Mix) [Night Department] "hu, rhythm" male
2. Night Department - Get Out Of My Life (Out Mix) samples old streetsounds tune
3. Es En Em - Dream State (Magrogosm) [Deep Crap] inst
4. Warp Factor 1 - Care 4 Me [Holographic]
5. Janice Robinson - Children (Joe T Vannelli Totally Remix) [Dreambeat]
6. Buzzin Cuzzins & Romanthony - Let Me Show You Love (Bad Yard Club Mix) [Azuli]
7. Joe Roberts - Lover (TI.PI.CAL City Light Remix) [FFRR]
8. Ti.Pi.Cal. - I Know (Per-Version Mix) "i know ....ill make it come on strong, im the kind of girl, no I dont want this" female
9. Acker Maracker - The Wobble (Wah Wah Mix) [Effective] inst with funky guitar
10. Fat Tulip - Way Down Inside [Dark] "you walk back to me, bring it back" male (Led Zeppelin vocal)

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