Sasha @ Bangkok, Coventry, Mid 1995 (59min)
1. Angels Moraes - Heaven Knows (Galvatron Dub) "deep deep down"
2. Zee - Dreamtime (Quivver Vocal Mix) [Perfecto]
3. UCC (Urban Cookie Collective) - Rest Of My Love (Dodo Bassburger Dub) [Pulse-8] stuttery female/air raid siren
4. Castle Trancelott - Indoctrinate [Movin Melodies] "rhythm is fundamental to the spirit"
5. BT - Tripping The Light Fantastic [Perfecto] "feel yeah"
6. Shiva - Freedom (Big C's Road To Freedom Mix) [DMC 151]
7. Balouga Boys meet Blue Amazon - Gobstopper Soundclash [Stress] "ow ow ow ow, everybody get up" male/piano
8. Sasha & Maria - Be As One
9. Exodus To Paradise - Rock-It [Pumpin Vinyl] "I feel the friction on my feet, my adrenalins flowing, my level will reach the top" female / piano

comment : similar to his 5th Aug 95 set @ Angels

original tape

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