DJ Sasha / Anne Savage @ Ark,
Preston Polytechnic, 5th Nov 1994
* Sasha pt 1*
1. Miss Bliss - Best Thing (F.O.S. Eternal Remix) "youre the best thing" female
2. Head Rush - Underground (King-Size Mix)
3. Donna Summer - Melody Of Love (Wanna Be Loved) (The Boss Mix) "sounds like, does it sound right"
4. Shindig - Seasons (Timeless EP Part 1) piano/ foreign female vocals
5. Dtox - Heaven (Is A Place In Your Heart) (Dave Valentine 12" Mix) "hey loving loving, I believe im in heaven"
6. Thelma Houston - Dont Leave Me This Way (Joe T Vanelli Mix)
7. G.T.R. - Manco Cepas Revenge (Unorthodox But Effective Mix) [Planet Four Communications] female/acidy/miami beat at break
* Sasha pt 2*
7. G.T.R. - Manco Cepas Revenge (Unorthodox But Effective Mix) [Planet Four Communications] (cont)
8. Ace of Bass - Living in Danger (Armands For The Big Clubs Only Mix) "danger, danger"
9. Dual Mount - Foor Me [Tesseract] "eeeehhh aaaahhhh" whailing female
10. Mory Kante - Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor Remix)
11. Li Kwan - Point Zero (SEKA Records) "really spaced out" female / big trance style tune
12. Quench - Hope (Elevator Mix)
13. N-Joi - Papillon [Deconstruction] inst a little bit like doop or bits & pieces
14. Yothu Yindi - Treaty (Stuart Crichton Mix) "treaty yeah" african vocal
15. Roberto Milani - Ghost [Metrotraxx] inst
* Anne Savage *
1. Coming Out Crew - Free Gay & Happy "from the heart" female
2. Boomerang - So Damn Tuff (Babylon Mix)
3. Reel 2 Real feat The Mad Stuntman - Raise Your Hands (Soundsation Mix)
4. Joy For Life - The Riffmeister (Life Is... ep) [Stress] "dont look back" female / hammond
5. Erik - We Got The Love (PG Tips Dub) "such a feeling" female (samples kariya)
6. Kim Appleby - Free Spirit (Sound Of Stockwell Dub) "dont be a slave, a free spirit" female
7. Soundsation - Peace & Joy (female/electric guitar/piano)
8. Punch & Judy - Get By [PAJ 001] "I know I always get mine" female / piano
9. Alex Party - Dont Give Me Your Life
10. Movin Melodies Productions - P.A.R.T.Y (Remix) "p a r t y in the place to be" male
11. 5 Minutes Of Funk - (Lets Go) Round Again (Notre Dame Mix) [Fat N Round] "lets go round" female / broken beats / bells
12. Lazy Lads - Let It Roll [Our Tribe Management] doug lazy accappella 

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