DJ Sasha - Live Mix, April '93
e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown tracks
1. Bjork - Human Behaviour (Remix)
2. Chez Damier & Ralph Lawson - A Dedication To Joss (Classic ep) [Serious Groove] "yeeaahh" stuttery male
3. X-Tatic - Monkey Forest [Global Cuts] has 80s sample
4. China White - No Sell Out [Djax-Up-Beats] "tired of workin" male / bassy / acidy
5. [17:00] ??? "in structure house, out of choice" male
6. [21:10] ??? acidy inst (also on Dance Force 93 set)
7. Gary '138' D. - 93 (Dark Velvet Mix) [Container Records Hamburg] dreamy techno inst
8. Fortran 5 - Time To Dream (David Holmes Mix) "ow"
9. Dr Fernando! - High Pressure [Music Man] acidy (gets higher)
10. Up Above The World - Straight Up Caffeine [Exist Dance] "its a weird trip" female/acidy
11. Sonic Solution - Bagdad [R&S] "bom de bom" male

11. Sonic Solution - Bagdad [R&S] "bom de bom" male (cont)
12. Gilgamesh - VCB [Trigger] "its for you" male
13. The Bionaut - Octopus [Blue]
14. Ascension - Baptism Of Fire [Ascension] "we got a big surprise coming to you" sample from the shining
15. Fluke - Slid (Glidub) [Circa]
16. Holy House feat Jens Lissat - Powerfloat [Animalized] "the power"
17. The Bionaut - Apples & Oranges (Everybody's Kissing Everyone ep) [Blue 005]
18. MAD. DOC. - Entrance [Prime] "bom bom" male
19. The Martian - Red Atmosphere [Red Planet] "whoo oooh" african male / acidy
20. Source - Release It (Organized Noise) [R&S]
21. Dub Commission - Concorde (Medium Sweet Mix) [Hubba Hubba] "hey, hey hey" female
22. Whizz - Hypnosis (Judith Piano Mix) [Zest] "musics hypnotisin" female/piano
24. Transformer 2 - Just Cant Get Enough 
25. The Mighty Dub Katz - Only When Im Dancing Do I Feel This Disco [Southern Fried]

comment: side A might be Andy Weatherall, it has tracks in same running order as his set Orbit @ Morley 29-4-93

unsure who side B is but its likely not Sasha either, maybe Francesco Farfa? 
original tape cover

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