Roger Sanchez @ Middlesbrough Empire 1995
e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown tracks
1. Sheer Bronze - Walkin On (remix)
2. Michael Watford - Michael's Prayer (Accapella) "if i was you" gospel male/sax
3. Goodmen - Give It Up
4. Barbara Tucker - I Get Lifted (Boyd Slam The Organ Mix)
5. Voices - Voices In My Mind "freedom, i wanna know are you free"
6. Roger S. - My Organ (The Illegal ep) [TNT] "come on, yeah" female / hammond
7. Nicole - Running Away "youve got me running, why you keep on runnin away" female
8. Edwards World - Soul Roots
9. That Kid Chris - Big Time (Carlitos Dream) "you think your big time"
10. The Boss - Congo (goodmen beat/piano/hammond) (2 copies)
11. ??? "feels good inside" (accapella)
12. ??? "just cant get enough" male
13. 'The S Man - Time To Stop (Hard Times) "senyor, work em till its time to stop"
14. Judy Cheeks - Respect (briefly) 

14. Judy Cheeks - Respect (cont)
15. ??? "ive had all i can take" tribal
16. Class Action - Weekend (accapella)
17. Dream Team - Love Is What We Need [Freeze Dance]
18. Sound Design (Todd Terry) - Bounce To The Beat
19. ??? "i wanna make you happy, ill make you happy baby" female
20. Tribal Infusion - Sumba-Lumba (S-Mans Got You In A Trance Mix)
21. Loleatta Holloway - Love Sensation (accapella)
22. Edwards World - Soul Roots
23. Chuck Roberts - Can You Feel It "in the beginning, let there be house" (accapella)
24. Michael Watford - So Into You (Live PA)
25. Michael Watford - So Close (Live PA)

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