Russ @ Hacienda, Shine, 6th June 1994
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown tracks
1. [00:00] ??? "into my groove, i make my move" female
2. [04:00] ??? "im going out of my head, na na na na na" female
3. Trey Lorenz - Photograph Of Mary (Bass Hit Dub) [Epic] "come back baby, mary mary" male
4. Jazzy - Lonely (Underground Goodie Mix) [Fader] "find a man to please me, move" female
5. West End & Sybil - The Love I Lost (Dub)
6. Hermann - Tumblin Down (Mr Marvin Subground Mix)
7. Taana Gardner - What Can I Do For You? (Luv Dub) "dom ziga dom baby, brother, another" female
8. Joe T Vannelli - Good Inside "oh i need you baby, and i get what i want" female
9. The Beloved - Motivation (Energised) "come on lets work" female
10. Paul Reid - Diamond (Sure Is Pure) "woo woo, thinking of you" piano
11. Charm - I Love Music (Classic String Dub)
11. Charm - I Love Music (Classic String Dub) "dee da da da" disco
12. Travis Nelson - Tunnel Of Love (Remix) [Looking Forward] "is it all over my face" flute
13. Dreams Unlimited - Deep In You (Sex From Mars) "deep and deep, that was fantastic" female
14. [61:30] ??? "yeah" female / sax
15. The Fine Vibe - I Gotta Dance This Song
16. Q-Sound - We'll Make The Beat Pound
17. Dawn - Infinite Dub "we might have togetherness" male / guitar / breakbeat-ish
18. Sunset Village Inc - So Real "ooh do it right, feel so real" (briefly)
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