Rob Tissera @ Ark, Leeds, 04-02-95
e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown tracks
? "let it all hang out" female intro
1. Geoffrey Williams - Sex Life (The Commision Club Mix)
2. Shades Of Love - Keep In Touch (Body To Body) (10.31 Mix)
3. Praxis feat Kathy Brown - Turn Me Out (Hardcorey's Ultimate Pump Mix)
4. Lisa Marie Experience - Do That To Me (Banned Michael Jackson Mix) "give a little more" piano / umboza
5. Amos - Let Love Shine (Cleveland City Ruff Mix)
6. Crystal Waters - What I Need (Erick More Club Mix)
7. B B Club - Play This House "lets all play this house" female
8. DJ Trajic - Show Me Your Face (Shakee Mix) "move it all around come on baby shake your butt" male
9. U.M.I - House Is A Feeling male/funky guitar
10. Grace - Not Over Yet (Dancing Divaz Mix)

1. Martin Luther King Speech
2. Mory Kante - Yeke Yeke (Mix?)
3. Mory Kante - Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor Remix)
4. The Reese Project - Direct Me (Sashas 3am Drop Mix)
5. BT - Embracing The Sunshine
6. Nightlife - Paradise Adventures [Timeless Records] "come on" male
7. Mothers Pride - Floribunda (Big C Remix) "oh yeah i like it all" angelic female vocals
8. Anthony White - Love Me Tonight "let me love you now or never,, forever"
9. Staxx - You (mix?) "you have given me hope, have given me love" female/piano

comment: possibly a studio set.

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