Ripe @ Mansfield (Pack 1) Jan 95 - Craig Campbell, Paul Gotel, Kelvin Andrews, Marc Auerbach
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Craig Campbell

1. Madonna - Secret (Junior's Luscious Club Mix)
2. South Street Player - Who Keeps Changing Your Mind (Sure Is Pure Mix)
3. FPI Project - Going Back To My Roots (Nick Hussey Mix) [Planet Four Communications]
4. Thermo Statik - Better With Gee [Zest 4 Life] "ow ow" funky guitar
5. Joy For Life - The Riffmeister [Stress]
6. Move Inc. - Partners (The Cotton Club Brewery Mix) [Transworld]
7. Li Kwan - I Need A Man
8. Soundsation - Peace & Joy
9. Erik - We Got The Love (PG Tips Dub) "such a feeling" female (samples kariya)
10. [61:30] ? "make it funky, we gonna dance about" loleatta
11. Dick - I'm A Real Sex Maniac
12. Soundsation - Get On Up [Smokin Vinyl] "youve got to get on up, dont you wanna" female/samples incredible bongo band
13. Barbara Tucker - I Get Lifted
14. Soft House Co. II - What You Need (Luv Dup's Sat At Home Mix)

Paul Gotel
1. The Netherland Power - Feel It (Pheel My...) [Funky Monkey] "dont stop, you know I do feel it, I miss you"
2. Key Aura - Hot Dog [Consolidated] "oh baby, love you" female
3. Chris & James - Shakermaker [Stress] "make the building shake" male/piano
4. Elevatorman - Funk & Drive
5. Soundsation - Peace & Joy
6. MC Kinky - Liberation
7. The Tabernacle - I Know The Lord (The Devils Dub) female/hammond/goodmen beat
8. Jinx - Open Sesamee (Came Up Mix) [Fresh Fruit]
9. The Flavour - No Matter What You Do (mix?) "get up get down" female/guitar
10. Michelle Gayle - Freedom (Tin Tin Out Mix)
11. Soft House Co. II - What You Need (Luv Dup's Sat At Home Mix)
12. The Original - I Luv U Baby (Dancing Divaz Club Mix)
13. Ebony Vibe Everlasting - Good Life (Dancing Divaz Mix) "i want you, its gonna be just you & me, tell me about life" female/piano
14. Move Inc. - Partners (The Cotton Club Brewery Mix) [Transworld]
15. Li Kwan - I Need A Man
16. Digital Noiz - If You Haven't Danced Yet (The NRG Mix) twin hype sample
17. Must - Gotta Get (Loose) (Crunchy Mix)
18. Way Out West - Ajare
19. Chapter 9 - Feel Free (Remix) [Ouch!] "lets do it yall, feel free"

Kelvin Andrews
1. Frank De Wulf - The Tape (Remix)
2. Free Inside - Skip Da Dipp [Basic Beat Recordings]
3. Gaucho - Dance Forever (Carefree Mix) [3beat] calypso
4. Diana Ross - Upside Down (Dub 2 - Morales)
5. Off The Shelf Vol. 1 - Digi Funk [Mousetrap] "youve got me burnin up" female/disco
6. Eric Perez Project - Release "release me yeah" female
7. Slo Moshun - Help My Friend
8. Sasha & Sam Mollison - Magic
9. Cookie - Choose Me (F.O.S. Mix 1)
10. Balouga Boys - Hip Hop (Tuff Drum Mix)
11. [54:40] ? "volcano" female
12. NY Connection - In Front / Wan' It? (28 East Boyz Dub)
13. Hed Boys - Hed Boys Party
14. Hed Boys - Girls + Boys (Progression Remix?)
15. Ice MC - Think About The Way (Jules & Skins Dattman Reggae Jam)
16. Aquarious - Let Get Down (Luvdup Tongue In Chic Mix)

Marc Auerbach
1. Rachelda Brooks - Straight From The Heart (Project Boyz Mix) "im comin" female
2. Alexander O'Neal - What Is This Thing Called Love (Dee Reprise) string stabs
3. K London Posse - Caught In Luv
4. Act Of Faith - Love Not Love (Solar Mix) "love love love, too strong" male
5. Antoinette Roberson - Move It
6. The Brand New Heavies - Midnight At The Oasis (Up North Mix)
7. Donna Allen - Love Is The Thing (Spike Boys Dub Part 1)
8. Madonna - Secret (Junior's Luscious Club Mix)
9. Creative Force - I'm Not The Same
10. Bobby Brown - Two Can Play That Game (Pharmaceutical Dub)
11. Clubland - Set Me Free (Im On Fire)
12. Sounds of Blackness - The Harder They Are "the bigger they falll, you aint that tough no" female/piano
13. Blondie - Rapture (Pharmacy Dub) "djs spinning I said my my" blondie sample
14. Double Dee - Love Nobody (Georgie's Lovedub) "dont want a love" male/piano
15. Barbara Tucker - I Get Lifted
16. Lulu - Every Woman Knows (Sure Is Pure Dub)
17. 5th Circuit - Sexy Movemaker "sexy move maker, rump shaker, here we go"
18. Nicole - Runnin Away (House Dub)
19. Thelma Houston - Dont Leave Me This Way (Joe T Vannelli Dubby Mix)

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