Rick Jones vs Mark B - Battle Of The DJs [95]
Rick Jones (60min)
1. The Solid Collective - Can You Feel It (Micky's Magic Fingers Mix)
2. Akimbo - We'll Keep Climbing (Pink Porn Mix) "till we reach the sky"
3. Sons Of The Desert - Let It Go! (Desert House) "you make me feel so orbid, 123456 go"
4. Chapter One - Freedom [Repetitive Intelligent Grooves] "let you go, I need my freedom, you drive me crazy" female/piano
5. Liquid - Closer (Liquid Remix)
6. Amen feat Luvain - Passion (Wand Mix)
7. Bowa - Get Down [Fantastic] "get down, ill be there"

7. Bowa - Get Down [Fantastic] (cont)
8. Trotters Independent Traders Vol. 1 - Burning (Club Mix) "got to keep the fire burnin" female "I like it" male
9. Rhythm Foundation - Let The Whole World Know ('95 Unblocked Mix)
10. PCP Vol 3 - Set Me Free "do that to me now"
11. Itty Bitty Boozy Woozy - Tempo Fiesta (Party Time) (Roll Fiesta)
12. Mark Morrison - Let's Get Down (Matt Darey House Mix)
13. Dana Dawson - Got To Give Me Love (Jason & The Argonauts Mix)
14. Sweetbox - Booyah (Here We Go) "just feel the beat"

comment: I'm missing the Mark B set

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