Phil Smart - Rhythm Calypso Vol.3 (1992)
1. Funky Green Dogs - Reach For Me
2. Pal Joey - Shanana
3. Piero Fidelfatti - Take My Body [Discomagic] "hey dup"
4. More Heavy Soul - Load In Total Darkness (Club) [Calypso] "I need ya, I want cha"
5. Deep Invention Orchestra - Paradise (Vocal Mix) [Adriatric Club]
6. Don Carlos - Alone (Paradise)
7. Subway Ground Master - Marble Arch (Subway Ground Master ep) [Calypso] "good times" female
8. Brothers Love Dubs - The Mighty Ming! (Brothers In Rhythm Club Mix)
9. The Drum Club - U Make Me Feel So Good (The Deep 'N' Hard Mix) [Guerilla] "you make me feel so orbid" female/horns

1. Baby June - Hey! What's Your Name (Brassneck Mix)
2. Lionrock - Lionrock
3. Capricorn - Taste (Original Mix) "taste me" female whisper
4. East 17 - House Of Love (Wet Nose Mix)
5. Diss-Cuss - Pissed Apache [Hooj Choons] "do a little dance dance, gotta be"
6. Floor Control - Van Basten "uno does trez quatro, girl ill house you" chimo bayo sample
7. Steve Banzara - I Can't (Club Mix) [MBG] "no more mind games, I cant resist" female/piano
8. Alex Neri - The Wizard (Club Mix) [Palmares] flute inst
9. Blew Onion - Moon Boot [X-Gate] "boom cha"

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