Phil Smart - Rhythm Calypso Vol.2 (1992)
1. Tyrrel Corporation - Going Home (Saxy Mix) "im going home" sax
2. Groove Sector - The Love I Lost (Mr. Marvin Tribal Sunset Mix) "dum-du can you do it"
3. Leveller - Created Equal (Dub)
4. E.C.2 - Its Alright [Hott Records] "its alright i love you, its alright i need you" piano
5. Montego Bay - Everything (S-Tone Mix) [Calypso] "you are everything in this world to me" male
6. Degrees of Motion - Shine On (Junior Style Dub)
7. Faceman - Holding On (Dubstrumental) [Nervous] "gotta hold on"
8. Urbanized - Helpless (I Dont Know What To Do Without You) (The Kenlou Mix)
9. Red Light feat Tyler Watson - And Then (Buildin' Up Dub) [Hi-Bias] "set yourself free"
10. Nu World - Chrystol Dance (bassline)
11. Skarlet & Black - What I Got Is What Ya Need [Rumour] "what I got is what you need"
12. Don Carlos - Play It Again

1. Sir James - Special (Acappella) [Strictly Rhythm]
2. Felix - Dont You Want Me (Original Mix) [Hooj Choons]
3. Herbal Infusion - The Hunter [Zoom] "hella"
4. Rachel Wallace - Tell Me Why (Acorn Arts Trance Mix) "tell me now" female
5. Whyte - Promises (Fabi Paras Remix)
6. D:Ream - U R The Beat Thing (Sasha Dub)
7. Jimi Polo - Better Days (Sashas DMC Remix)
8. Shaka Boom - Here And Now [Not On Label] "no matter what" female/piano
9. Fatman - U Make The Sunrise "you make the sunrise" female/piano
10. Uncle Bob - Uncle Bob's Burly House (Bob's Original Scratch Mix)

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