Jon Da Silva @ Rhumba, 18th Oct 91
Fat Sams @ Dundee

e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track
1. Anima Ladina - Anima Ladina (Technicida Version) [Flying]
2. Desire - This Dub Is Mine (This Club Is Mine Mix) "this beat is mine, you cant have it" female rap (samples Vicki D)
3. New Grooves Vol. II - 2 A.M. [Nu Groove] acidy inst
4. Chris Cuevas - Hip Hop (Masters at Work Dub)
5. Joey Negro - Do What You Feel (Expanded Mix)
6. Gypsymen - Stoppin Us "so in love" female/piano
7. Cookie Watkins - Im Attracted To You (E-Smoove's Late Night Mix)
8. Little Louie Vega & Marc Anthony - Ride On The Rhythm (Masters At Work Dub) "get ready to ride" male scat
9. Simone - My Family Depends On Me
10. DSK - What Would We Do (Slam Remix) [DMC]
11. [31:00] ??? "burning up inside" male
12. K-Klass - Rhythm Is A Mystery
13. A Certain Ratio - 27 Forever (Dasilva's Soundstation Fix Mix) "ooh were so lovely/lonely" female / funky / sax
14. Gina Stewart - Dance All Night "were gonna dance all night"
15. S.L.Y. - I Need A Freak "i dont need no cure, dont call the doctor" male similar riff to blackbox positive vibration
16. Clubhouse - Deep In My Heart (Red Zone Mix) briefly
1. Frontliners - I Cant Take It [Centurian Records] "no no way, i cant take it anymore" piano (briefly)
2. Crowforce - Dont Look Down (Steve Proctor Dub) sax / vocoder vocals (samples leftfield not forgotten)
3. K-Klass - Rhythm Is A Mystery
4. De Melero - De Meleros Groove "let my body jack" samples rickster vocals / horn
5. Daize - Wings Of Love (G Bones Haus Mix) "annihilating rhythm, back to the beat" sirens/broken beats
6. Seal - Killer (William Orbit Dub)
7. Thompson Twins - The Saint (Red Zone Dub) "sonic boom" male
8. React To Rhythm - Intoxication [Guerilla]
9. DJ Cisky feat Varial - Sequence Time (For Pesca Mix) [Flying] "na na na na, take one take two" female
10. The Ya Ya's - Looove
11. Movement 16 - Um-Owe-Ey-Ahh [Final Vinyl]
12. Problem House II - Party People [Hithouse]
13. Sun Electric feat Inga - Red Summer (Totalitarian State Mix) [ZTT] "summer" female/heavy
14. Datura - Nu Style "its the new style"
15. Epilepsia - Bangin [Hithouse] strange riff
16. Technicida Volume 1 - E.P.S. [Flying] heavy techno (familiar) (v briefly)

comment: also seen this mix labelled Jon Da Silva - Rhumba @ Roxannes, Perth, Nov 91

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