Justin Robertson @ Pure Juice, Citrus, Edinburgh 22-5-92
1. Awa E - Simba Machine (Hyper Tribe) [Cut] helyom halib sample / african male scat
2. We Kill Love - Ten Men Dead [Junk Rock] (Fabi Paras)
3. Acorn Arts - Silence [X-Gate Records] familiar inst with piano
4. Gat Decor - Passion [Effective]
5. Zone Ranger - 2 B Reel "lets get it right, I want it to b reel" (freeze IOU vocals)
6. Roy The Boy - French Paradise "feel it" female / samples Yello - The Race
7. Museka - Beautiful In Red (Rolf On 3 Mix)
8. Nush - Nush (Original Mix)
9. Blake Baxter - On More Time "its not over between you and me" male / rhythm on the loose vocals
10. Utah Saints - Something Good (051 Mix by John Kelly) "come on yeah" female
11. My Friend Sam - Its My Pleasure (Dub)
12. SLD - Getting Out
13. Lemon Interupt - Big Mouth (mouthorgan)
14. Whyte - Promises (Fabi Paras Remix)
15. Finitribe - Forevergreen (Forevermost Excellent Mix)

1. Bandulu - Tribal Memories [Infonet] "get on it" male
2. DJ Power - Martha (Do You Feel Allright ep) [Pan Pot] "yeah yall come on" male / sax / cowbell
3. Deep Beats Vol 1 (AA1) - Untitled track sampling MK - Burning
4. Bee Buzz - Baba Mhmmm [LED] "baa baa ooh ooh" male
5. Sigma Tibet - Mantis Religiosa (Inst) [Evolution]
6. Bad Jazz - Tropical T'M (Stereo Move Mix) cowbell / whistle
7. Steinski - I Wanna Dance [Hit House]
8. DOP - Get Out On This Dancefloor [Guerilla]
9. Renegade Soundwave - R.S.W. Megamix - Lesson 1
10. Smells Like Heaven - Londres Strutt "bassline kickin yes im groovin"
11. Major Force feat. DJ Milo - Return Of The Original Artform [1989] scratching
12. Power Race - Its Power
13. Rhythm Invention - Cant Take It (Cold Cellar Mix) "i cant take it"
14. Erasure - Snappy (Justin Robertson Mix) "what you hear is what you get, free your love" male
15. Bumble - Up [White Label] irish penny whistle
16. Spacemaster - I Need You (Underground Mix)
17. Raging Rockers - Key Spirit (Remix) [Ruby Red] "get on up and boogie" female / piano

comment : I originally had this mix listed as a Rhumba set but since been told its a recording from Pure Juice, a clubnight at the Citrus Club where Justin Roberston & Greg Fenton were guest DJs. Justin did play the Rhumba club on 18/6/92, the tracklisting for that night is here.

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