Zammo, Michael Kilkie, Justin Robertson @ Rhumba, 8th Nov '91
Fat Sams @ Dundee (Flotation Perceptions)
1. Meng Syndicate - Sonar System [Hithouse] "somebody give the lord a hand clap"
2. Sister Sledge - We Are Family (Acappella)
3. Goga Magoga - Esta Me Gusta (sounds like Chimo Bayo)
4. MKM - Carcano Calzone [Zapf] "na na na na na na na na, do we love" female
5. M1 - Dynomite [Emotive Records] "shoop" male scat/sax
6. Sound Set - So In Love With You (Re-Dub) [Oversky]  "im so in love with you" male
* Michael Kilkie *
7. Jepson - Pump The Rhythm [American Records] "do that to me now set me free" female/piano "pump the rhythm your ready to ride" doug lazy
8. Afrika Bambaataa - Just Get Up And Dance (Acappella)
9. The Maxx - Evolution [Max Music] synth inst
10. Mato Grosso - Thunder (Remix) "we gonna bang to the beat of the drum" male
11. B.G. The Prince Of Rap - Take Control Of The Party (Ken Lou Dub) "hot hot hot, get up, its party time"
12. Down Town - Burundi Rhythms (Afro Mix) sampled up female
announcer "in less than ten minutes Manchester Robbo on the decks"
13. The End - You Drive Me Wild (Joe T. Vannelli For JTC Mix) "back to the end with public demand"
14. Raze - Bass Power (Acappella) 
15. B - Guys - Hipnotizie [Palmares] "here comes the music" male "musics hypntising, get down" female 
16. The Minute Men - How I Love Thee (Ride On Dub) "let it ride" male

* Justin Roberton *
17. Legend - Take Your Body Over Mine (Fabio Paras Remix)
18. Paris Red - Good Friend (Heavy Club Mix)
19. React 2 Rhythm - Intoxication [Guerilla]
20. Photon Inc - Generate Power
21. DJ Power - Everybody Pump
22. CJ Bolland - Ravesignal III - Horsepower [R&S]
23. Leaves - Pa Tin Tin (Rap Boom Boom) [American] "gotta rock rock rock, diggy, buffalo boys" female rap 
24. Band in a Box - Get Dynamite
25. Defcon Vol 4 - Dread At Controls [Dance Records Attack] "get out the ganja"
26. Beltram - Energy Flash [R&S]
27. Sunscreem - Walk On (D-Cubed)
28. Mad Max - Get On Up (Remix) [Hip Street] "get on up, get on down"
29. Lee Marrow - Da Da Da (samples the circus) "dance to the house, dan dan dan"
30. Rozlyne Clarke - Dancing Is Like Making Love (Dub 2) lazer gun
31. Sound Clash Republic - Sack The Drummer
32. Rising High Collective - Fever Called Love
33. Museka - Beautiful In Red "feeling real good baby, so good"
34. Photon Inc - Generate Power 
35. Sound Source - Take Me Up 
36. D-Rail feat Randy B - Bring It On Down (Annodomini Remix)

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