Zammo & Scott Gibson @ Rhumba, 7th June '91
Roxannes @ Perth
A Floatation Perception
1. MC Magic Max - Everybody Rock It Steady [URO Records] "everybody rockin steady" broken beats
2. Thirst - The Enemy Within
3. Off Limits - Round And Round [Dance And Waves] "come on, heres an oldie but goodie" male/hammond
4. Arketipo - Kaliope [Out] male rap "round & round upside down, living my life underneath the ground" "its a nasty rhythm"
5. Chakra - Chakra (Fast Forward Remix)
6. Floppy House - In A Funk [FCP White Label] "1234"
7. Nexy Lanton - You Too (Club Mix) [Yo Bro] male scat/piano/sax 
8. ClubHouse - Deep In My Heart
9. Secchi feat Orlando Johnson - I Say Yeah
10. LUPO - So Hard (Techno Club Mix) "so hot" ruff
11. J. Max - Cosmic (Inst Version) "woow, I need a fix" sirens
12. Over Noise - Phaedrus (Rock Version) "wheres all the hands" male/electric guitar
13. Drummer J. Gus - No Pain [Technology] "shut up I get stuck up" rap "aint no pain" adeva sample
14. Axe Corner - Tortuga (inst. plinky piano)
15. Cola Boy - 7 Ways To Love
16. Josette Martial - Woi Mama "playing your rhythm forever" female/electric guitar
17. Psycho Team - Bolero [Dance & Waves] "very big hit" male / synth
18. Technology - Chase (From Midnight Express) (briefly)

18. Technology - Chase (From Midnight Express) (cont)
19. Agent X - Get Yourself Together (sax)
20. Voodoo Child - Voodoo Child "oh yeah" warehouse piano
21. Jennifer H. feat Marco Larri - I Wanna Be Right There [Italian Style Production] "get down everybody" charvoni vocals/horns
22. K. B. Max - Techno Sax "to understand this you have to go back, get up" male/sax
23. Matto Grosso - Thunder (Digital Boy Remix) stuttery vocals/synth
24. Alex Lee - Take It
25. Last Rhythm feat Silvie Carter - Last Rhythm (Vocal Mix)
26. Over Noise - Phaedrus (Vocal) "out of control" female (son of a gun vocals) "wheres all the hands" male
27. PWM - Get Yourself Together (Inst)
28. Raze - Bass Power (Power Bass Remix Inst)
29. Shamen - Progen 91 (Move Any Mountain)
30. Open Billet - You Got The Dance [Italian Style] "dance then jump & jack, get yourself together"
31. DOP - Future Le Funk [Guerilla]
32. Last Rhythm - Last Rhythm
33. BBG - Snappiness


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