Andrew Weatherall @ Rhumba, 5th June '92
Citrus Club @ Edinburgh (2 x Tape)

e-mail me if you can identify any of the tracks
1. Some Other People - Ghost-House (Eddy Fingers Remix) [Infinite Mass]
2. The Holy Ghost Inc. - The Dub "lord have mercy" ragga male "white black"
3. DJ Leo Mas & Oval Prod - Is It (NRG) [Creative Label]
4. Brothers Love Dubs - The Mighty Ming (Original Club Mix)
5. Sil - Windows (Original Mix) [Rhythm Records]
6. Gong Two - Girl (Do You Think I'm Techno) [Line Music] bleepy inst
7. Corrado - Tribal Activity (Dominator Sleeps Tonight) "dominatrix sleeps tonight"
8. The Diceman - Quad (Spooky's Magi Remix) [Vivatonal] "when you want me" female
9. Bandulu - Tribal Memories "get on it" male
10. Traikos Trax Vol.1 - Gimme A Mother ....Kin [Music Man] inst with piano
11. Mainx - 88 To Piano (Terrif-X Mix) [Hithouse] warehouse piano
12. Dee Patten - Whos The Badman
13. Man With No Name - Forever 1
14. Smith & Mighty - Too Late (Steppers Delight ep) "too late to turn back now, here i go again" female

14. Smith & Mighty - Too Late (Steppers Delight ep) "too late to turn back now, here i go again" female (cont)
15. Jambo! - Drumattack (percussive inst with cowbells)
16. Tribal Spirit - Rave Off (Up All Night Mix) [D:vision]
17. Remy presents The Traveller - Just Me [Wonka Beats] inst with piano
18. [60:00] ? "wheres all the hands, rock the discoteque" male
19. The Shamen - L.S.I. (Frank De Wulf's Dub Rave)
20. O.N.D.A. - I Believe (In Man And Woman) [Oversky] male/chime
21. MB - Make It Right (Club Mix) [X-Energy] "make you turn around" male/acidy
22. Underground In Motion - Antedote (Dances With De-Wolf Mix) [Atmosphere] broken beats
23. ICP - Free & Equal "i know your gonna want me" female
24. Bass Construction - Get On The Move [Elicit] "gotta get yourself together, get on and move" female/rave noises
25. Tronikhouse - Multifunction (Multi-Mix) [R&S] sax
26. Discharge - Drums Of Passions [Minimal Records] "these are the drums of passion" female
27. Brainstorm - Help Me To Believe (briefly) 

Tape 2
27. Brainstorm - Help Me To Believe (cont)
28. Defcon Vol II - To Be Free [Dance Records Attack] "just what is it that you want to do" same vocal sample as primal scream
29. Montana Orchestra feat Goody Goody - Esto Parese Amor (Tribal Love Beats) "love" repeated female/piano
30. Uncle Bob - Uncle Bobs Burly House [Stress]
31. Herbal Infusion - The Hunter [Zoom] "hella"
32. Sasha - Aftertouch (Sasha's Underground Suite) "you make me feel" repeated female
33. Erasure - Snappy (Justin Robertson Mix) "what you hear is what you get, free your love" male
34. Lemon Interupt - Big Mouth [Junior Boys Own]
35. Agent X - Get Yourself Together "were on the move, shout"
36. Bump - Im Rushing (Jetslags Rushing Roulette Mix) [SEP Music]

37. [47:00] ? electric guitar
38. The Mixmasters - Grand Piano
39. My Bloody Valentine - Soon (Weatherall Mix)
40. Chudd - Lovin The Groove (Roach Edit) [Swerve] hammond/piano
41. DJ D Lite - Tropical Movement (Tropical Mix) "hold me tight, dont ever let me go" female/piano
42. Alex Lee - Take It
43. Finitribe - Forevergreen (Forevermost Excellent Mix) "people used to dream about the future"
44. The Grid - Figure Of Eight
45. Bandulu - Guidance (12" Version) [Infonet] "message in the music" male
46. Bandulu - Tribal Memories [Infonet] "get on it" male
47. Geoffrey Williams - Deliver Me Up (Bob's Ministry Dub Mix) female scat
48. F.I.T.Z. - Deep Thoughts [Atmo] "take me to heaven" male/piano/samples CLS
49. Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force - Dont Stop... Planet Rock (House Mix II)
50. Alhambra - Alhambra (The Overgalactic Vibe Down Mix) (briefly) spanish guitar/whailing female

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