Danny Rampling @ Rhumba, 3rd Dec '93
Citrus Club @ Edinburgh
e-mail me if you can identify any of the tracks
1. The Funhouse - You Cant Hold Back (Live At The Funhouse Mix) [Strictly Rhythm] "breakdown,, after that they cant hold me back"
2. K-Klass - Underground Express [Deconstruction] "break it down get you into the groove" male
3. Bottom $ - Rock Your Body (Club Mix) [Olympic]
4. Marshall Jefferson - Move Your Body (The House Music Anthem) [1986]
5. Bottom $ - Rock Your Body (Club Mix) [Olympic]
6. DJ Duke - Blow Your Whistle (Black Rhythms) [Power Trax]
7. Morels Grooves Part 4 - Talk To Me (The Talk Mix) french female
8. The Sound Man feat Mercy - The Factory (Orig Mix) "factory factory, when the music takes me high" female
9. Photon Inc - Generate Power
10. The Klubb Kidz - Come On (DJ Duke Master Mix) [DJ Exclusive] "cope cos ive learned to cope, come on"
11. Sound Of One - As I Am [One Records]
12. Slo Moshun - Bells Of NY

13. [47:40] ??? samba
14. [51:30] ??? inst with piano (familiar)
15. Simply Soul & Donnie Mark - Stand Up For The Soul [Simply Soul] "happiness, cant you feel it" female/piano
16. Instant Exposure - I Need A Little More
17. U2 - Salome (Zooromancer Remix) "baby please slow down, so lovely" male
18. Happy Freekin Weekend - Think Again [Digital Dungeon] like electribe 101
19. [67:30] ??? "just to make a change before its too late" male/sax
20. Bass Hitt feat Dreamgirl Veee - The Beat That Makes U Move (The Rhythm Hype Mix) [Strictly Rhythm] "the beat that makes you move" scat
21. Colourblind - Nothing Better "theres nothing better baby" female
22. Titiyo - Make My Day (Bass Line Dub)
23. Incognito - Givin It Up
24. [85:40] ??? reminds me of danny tenaglia - bottom heavy
25. Joey Beltram - Tales From The RZ (Used To Hold Me Mix) "were rockin down the house, u used to hold me"
26. Jam & Spoon - Stella [R&S]



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