Zammo @ Rhumba, 3rd Jan '93
Club Metro @ Arbroath
e-mail me if you can identify any of the tracks
1. Underworld - Mmm... Skyscraper I Love You [Boys Own Recordings]
2. La Tour - Blue (Hermes Trance Mix) "obsessional rhythm"
3. Groove Corporation meet Original Rockers - Stoned (Gold Seal Mix) "out here were just stoned immaculate" jim morrison sample
4. [15:20] ??? "higher higher, one day we'll all be free, do you wanna party" female
5. Boomshanka - Do You Have The Power [Cowboy] "wooh" stuttery female/piano
6. Taana Gardner - What Can I Do For You? (Luv Dub) "dom ziga dom baby, brother, another" female
7. Power Bit - Division (Love Kills Version) [Zener] "lose all control of your body mind and soul" female / piano
8. The Goodmen - Give It Up (Remix)
9. Death Before Disco - Cat (You Love It, Don't You, You Dirty Cow Mix) organ / samples wet nose dub
10. Bob and Ian - Catacomb [Vivatonal] "come on everybody make you feel alright" "my adrenalins flowing and i cant stop" female
11. The Producer - Arabic (Nefertiti Mix) [Hypa] ethnic/whailing female

1. [00:00] ??? male
2. Datura - Yerba Del Diablo (Remix)
3. Dattman - Poor Mans Story (Trance Mix) [Ffrreedom] "a never ending glory"
4. DJ Creator - Kiss Me "sunday monday tuesday" stuttery female
5. Jaydee - Plastic Dreams
6. Juice - Do It Right [DFC] "im gonna love you, cos I can do it right"
7. [23:00] ??? "beat this, rock the house yall, go boom" male (also on Rhumba 5-2-93)
8. [26:40] ??? "dance" male/funky guitar
9. [31:20] ??? "yeah" male
10. System 7 - 7: 7 Expansion (Conspiracy Mix) samples duck rock
11. Dawn - Infinite Dub "we might have togetherness" male / guitar / breakbeat-ish
12. M People - How Can I Love You More (Sasha Remix) 

comment: originally received this set dated 3-1-94

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