Dave Seaman & John Digweed @ Rhumba, 19-7-96
Club Metro @ Arbroath (Stress Records Party)

e-mail me if you can identify any of the tracks
1. Divine Dance Experience - To The Rhythm (Save The Planet Vol.2) [UMM]
2. Sjef Van Leeuwen - Voices Of K.A.
3. Lina Santiago - Feels So Good (Show Me Your Love) (Mark!s Deep & Dumb Dub) "I wanna, spend my life with you, didnt i love you too" female
4. [18:30] ? inst
5. Cool Jack - Jus Come
6. Rebekah Ryan - Just A Little Bit Of Love (Medusa Dub)
7. [33:30] ? ethnic guitar
Dave Seaman (same as 30-8-96 Hotmix)
8. Eros Euphony - Dreams (Tilt Mix)
9. Dominion - The Gate (Renaissance Mix) [Whoop! Records]
10. Jondi and Spesh - Miles of Boom (Pacific Rhythm EP) [Harthouse]
11. Mozaic - Rays Of The Rising Sun (Ramp's Worshipful Dub) [Perfecto]
Dave seaman - same as bonded beats
12. Tori Amos - Professional Widow (Armand's Star Trunk Funkin Mix) [EastWest]
13. Sweet Drop - Groove Two (El Tapatios Groove) [Groovilicious] "so get back" female
14. The Beloved - Ease The Pressure (Suction)
15. Pete Lazonby - Wavespeech (Junior Vazquez Mix)
16. Kimara Lovelace - Only You (Danny Tenaglia's Twilo Dub) "only you" repeated female
17. [93:00] ? (briefly)

John Digweed
17. [00:00] ? (cont) bleepy inst/stabs like techno cat
18. T-empo - The Blue Room (Original Mix) piano/whailing female at break
19. Temple Of The Groove - Treat Me Right (CL's Edge Factor)
20. Evolution - Your Love is Calling "i hear your voice, i feel your heart, i know your love is calling" female
21. Tilt - My Spirit (Original Mix) [Perfecto] 


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