Dave Seaman & Jon Pleased Wimmin @ Rhumba, 14th July '95
Club Mertro @ Arbroath
(2 x Tape)
e-mail me if you can identify any of the tracks
Tape 1 - Dave Seaman

1. Billie Ray Martin - Running Around Town (BT's Jacobs Ladder Mix) "whos gonna lift me up when i fall out of love"
2. Bel Canto - We've Got To Work It Out (Way Out West Dub) "woh together together" female/acidy
3. Shiva - Freedom (BT's Subconscious Freedom) [FFRR]
4. Tabasco - Fixed And Addicted Like A Dub "music, feel the magic" female
5. Full Intention - I Miss You "ow, you know i do feel it, i miss you" female
6. Bruce Hornsby & The Range - Thats The Way It Is (Brothers In Rhythm DMC Remix)
7. Up Yer Ronson - Lost In Love (Sashas Remix)
8. Billie Ray Martin - Your Loving Arms (Brothers In Rhythm Club Mix)
Jon Pleased Wimmin
9. Native Pride - Illucid Groove [Shindig] acidy/piano
10. e-N - The Horn Ride (Danny's Ballroom Mix) [Tribal] "ow" female / horn ride
11. Liberty City - Thats What I Got (Oscar G's "U Got" Dub) [Tribal] "you got to" female (Rozzo)
12. Hat Trixx - Ole Ole [Sound Of Ministry]
13. Disco Citizens - Right Here Right Now (C.J. Scott Mix) [Deconstruction] "give it up" male
14. Solariss - Gimme The Power [White Label] "i just wanna, give me the power to love" female/piano

Tape 2 - Jon Pleased Wimmin
14. Solariss - Gimme The Power [White Label] (cont)
15. Joey Musaphia - The Sound (Musaphia Madness) din daa daa/the circus
16. Club 69 - Diva (The Male Diva Parts I & II) [Tribal]
17. [18:30] ??? "na na na" male/organ
18. B B Club - Play This House "lets all play this house" female
19. Christian Science - The Bitch (Christian Pitch Mix) [Strictly Rhythm] foreign female
20. Funkysensuals - BG Tips "you should be dancing yeah" Bee Gees vocal sample
21. [37:20] ??? "ill give you" repeated female/organ
22. Kimball & Dekkard - Hardlife (Original Mix) [Multiply White]
23. Rama 1 - C'est La Vie (Hard Mix) [Cleveland City] "ce la vie" female/piano
24. [53:50] ??? female scat
25. Mozaic - Sing It (The Hallelujah Song) (Goodfellos Remix) [Perfecto]
26. Natural Born Grooves - Forerunner (brainbug-ish)
27. Sueno Latino presents Valieria Vix - Viciosa (In-Progress Mix) "vision"
28. New Order - Blue Monday '95 (Hardfloor Remix)
29. Donna Summer - I Feel Love (Rollo & Sister Bliss Monster Mix)
30. Mad Lads - You Spin Me Round
31. Antic - The Ultimate "ease yourself back into conciousness"
32. Problem House II - Party People [Hithouse]
End of Night 

comment: the Jon Pleased Wimmin set is similar to his Jeremy Healy & Jon Pleased Wimmin : Boxed 95

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