Zammo & Michel Kilkie @ Rhumba, 14th June 91
Roxannes @ Perth
A Floatation Perception
e-mail me if you can identify any of the tracks
1. Transglobal Underground - Templehead
2. Pressure Zone - Johannesburg (The Danny Rampling Mix) [Creation]
3. Supernature - It's A Jungle (Going Back To Basics Volume Four) whistle/hip hop
4. Barbie - Barabba (Inst) [1987] "bop bop bop" male
5. [11:30] ? "get high, here comes that sound again and again" piano
6. Screaming Target - Knowledge 'N' Numbers (Killer Hertz Mix) "too black, too strong, you know what im saying" male/mouthorgan
7. Ashbrooke Allstars - Dubbin Up The Pieces [East West] pick up the pieces
8. Underground Housing Authority - Here I Am "woow, music gets me high, get on it" female/funky guitar
9. Deep C - Chill To The Panic (Inst) organ "hu"
10. Frank Gazzara's Sound Of Love - (Can't You See The) Times Are Getting Hotter [BBAT] male/flute
11. Lisa Stansfield - People Hold On (acappella)
12. The Orb - Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain...
13. BBG - Unnatural "is this a natural high" female/piano
14. DOP - Take Me [Guerilla]
15. Black Orchid - Baby Baby [Strictly Rhythm] "come on and get you baby baby" samples looney tunes 
16. M DJ MAD - R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
17. Royal Orchestra Ltd - Itsa Nastee Rhythm [Fourth Floor] "its a nasty rhythm" female/warehouse piano
18. Whitney Houston - Im Your Baby Tonight (Whitapella)
19. Royal Orchestra Ltd - How Do You Say Nastee (Nastee Beats) cowbells broken beats
20. Jellybean - Spillin The Beans (Alzibar mix) [Atlantic] "spill the beans, rock the house" male

21. FPI Project - Salsa In Paradise (Boom Boom Version) "love me, touch me" female
22. CFM Band - Welcome Back Brother James
23. [07:50] ? "my heart is pumpin, must get satisfaction" female/piano
24. Big Baby - Get Up (Let The Music Take Your Soul) (Red Acid Mix)
25. Love Inc - Love Is The Message
26. Mad Tim K & Crazy Skip - Love Is The Message [Hip Street] strings sound like a man called adam
27. Thirst - The Enemy Within
28. Virus - T-Dance (Teckno Face 48 Hz) "bum ba ding"
29. Over Noise - Phaedrus (Techno Beat) "i wanna make you dance/trance" male
30. DJ Dick - Weekend (No Mercy Mix)
31. Chakra - Chakra (Fast Forward Remix)
32. Freestyle Orchestra - Keep On Pumpin It Up (acappella)
33. C'est Ca - Use That Thing (Inst) piano
34. Robby Magno - Vocalizado
35. Lonnie Gordon - Gonna Catch You (Sax Mix) "im gonna get you baby" female
36. M DJ MAD - R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
37. Defcon Vol 4 - Dread At Controls [Dance Records Attack] "get out the ganja"
38. Max Kelly - M.K.O.K "hot hot give it all you got, I love you alright" female/samples rickster scat/piano
39. M.B. - You Dont Get Stop


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