Zammo, Michael Kilkie, Steve Williams @ Rhumba, 13th Dec '91
Fat Sams @ Dundee (Flotation Perceptions) (2 x Tape)
1. Spirit Of Adventure - Growing Knowledge [Hithouse] organ
2. Agent X - Quest (Mission 2 ep) [Shockwave] bleepy inst
3. Baby Pop - Mmmm Drop "check it over here baby pop" beastie boys sample
4. Def Touch - Nasty Rhythm [Strictly Rhythm] "baby, the beat is pumpin/dancing" female/bleepy (with M-People - How Can I Love You More acappella) briefly
5. World Power feat Althea McQueen - Im Happy (Ragamuffin Mercy Mercy Mix) "wipe it up" ragga male 
6. Chris Cuevas - Hip Hop (Masters At Work Dub) briefly
7. Aspro Marinetti - Carbonized (You Gotta Put Me On) [UMM] deep male/jazzy piano
(dropped in Shawn Christopher - Another Sleepless Night)
8. M1 - Dynomite [Emotive Records] "shoop" male scat/sax 
9. Sound Set - So In Love With You (Re-Dub) [Oversky]  "im so in love with you" male
10. The Choice - The Journey [West Side] Komix
11. The Paradise Organisation - Wise Blood
12. Nevermind - Black Form (Piano Mix Inst) "cut the midrange drop the bass" piano/samples beat club - security
13. Phenomania - Floor Burn "I think its time to make the floor burn" kid n play vocal sample
So Damn Tuff - So Damn Tuff (Acappella) [Soho Productions] "thats it ive had enough"
14. Degrees Of Motion - Do You Want It Right Now (Motion Beats) broken beats
15. The Infinite Wheel - Dharma Sunburst (Part 1) [Brainiak]
16. R.H.C. - Fever Called Love (London Mix (Instrumental))

1. TC 1991 - Berry
2. Underground Posse - I Can't Stop [Bad Boys] "I cant stop" plez vocals/piano
3. Lewis Lovebump - Mallorca (Sunrise Mix) [Zazaboem] samples prodigy charley "hey majorca"
4. Contime - Vision [Meet] "only one, yeah" female/piano
5. The Stone Age - Paleolitic (Crotalus Vrs) [Oversky] "I cant stand it" female
6. Legend - Take Your Body Over Mine (Fabio Paras Remix) piano
7. Kerri Simpson - Higher (7th Heaven Mix) [Razor Cuts] "were gonna break on through, ready or not" female 
8. The Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea (Ambient Mix)
9. Clivilles + Cole - Pride (A Deeper Love)
10. Dayeene - Whos Gonna Get You Back
11. DJ Cisky feat Varial - Sequence Time (For Pesca Mix) [Flying] "na na na na, take one take two" female 
12. Datura - Nu Style (Hyioscianus Niger) "its the new style" piano 
13. Goga Magoga - Esta Me Gusta (sounds like Chimo Bayo)
14. Afrika Bambaataa - Just Get Up And Dance (acappella)
15. C-Force - Dont Look Down (Steve Proctor Dub) sax / vocoder vocals (samples leftfield not forgotten)
16. The Reese Project - Station Of The Groove (Jay Denham Mix) "break it down get you into the groove" warehouse piano

* Michael Kilkie *
1. Def Touch - What Is H.O.U.S.E. (NY H.O.U.S.E. Style) [Strictly Rhythm]
2. Toxic 2 - Rave Generator
3. Shay Jones - When Love Calls (E-Smoove's Late Night Mix) "you better answer" female
4. Ce Ce Peniston - We Got A Love Thang (E-Smoove Groovy Mix)
5. Sonic Solution - On The Move [R&S]
6. Mainx - Hit Your Bleep (Future Look ep) [Hithouse]
7. P. Lion - Burn In His Hands (Spanish Guitar Mix) "money could buy"
8. M1 - Feel The Drums
* Steve Williams *
9. Age Of Chance - Times Up: Timeless (similar to Frontline - Scream)
10. No Smoke - Koro-Koro (Dub Dance)
11. Hysteria - Love Nature (Hysteria Mix) [New Music] "show me all your lovin yeah" tom toms
12. Sound Clash Republic - Sack The Drummer
13. The Shamen - Progen 91 (Move Any Mountain)
14. Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam - Let The Beat Hit Em pt II
15. R.A.F - We Gonna Get (Atmosphere Mix)
16. DHS - House Of God
17. Espiral - Dunne
18. The Party - In My Dreams 

18. The Party - In My Dreams (cont)
19. Gina Stewart - Dance All Night
20. Pet Shop Boys - So Hard (Red Zone Mix)
21. Last Rhythm - Last Rhythm
22. Sydney Fresh - Feel The Bass Come Down On Me (Hot African Mix)
23. Clivilles & Cole - Pride (A Deeper Love) (Lets Go Chanting Mix)
24. DJ Power - Everybody Pump
25. D-Rail feat Randy B - Bring It On Down
26. Spherical Gate - Nothing Is To Say (Stepping Into The House) "push it to the limit" male 
27. Francesco Zappala - I Need You (Trip Beat Mix) bleepy
28. T.E.E. - Beet Oven (Hard Mix) [Italian Style] piano T99 
29. Reese - Grab The Beat [KMS] 1989 acidy 
30. The Final Word - Dance 2 The Music (This Dub) briefly
31. Outlander - Vamp [R&S]
32. PWM - Are You Ready To Move (Techno Mix)
33. Carl Cox - Let The Bass Kick (white label) "lets do it"
34. 808 State - Olympic (Euro Bass Mix) the theme from the word
35. Isotonik - Different Strokes 

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