Zammo & Paul Wain @ Rhumba, 12th June '93
Cairngorm (Northern Exposure)
e-mail me if you can identify any of the tracks
1. My Friend Sam feat Voila Wills - Its My Pleasure
2. Cosmic Baby - Heavens Tears (angelic female/piano)
3. JC-001 - Cupid (BBG's Right Now Mix) "look me in the eye" male
4. [15:00] ??? stuttery / chuck roberts vocals
5. Xen Mantra - Goowon (Midas ep) "clap your hands" male
6. Maureen Makena - Into The Joint (Cuban Dub) [Flying] "all i wanted" female/carino piano (TUNE)
7. Jimmy Scott - Eggs (Relive Hendrix) [Tear Music] "let the music pump you up, uno does tres quatro" male/funky guitar
8. 3xT - Aah! [EC Records] "yeah yeah yeah"
9. Klatsch! - Oh Boy [Fresh Fruit] "dont stop" male
10. Rene et Gaston - Soiree Dansante [Fresh Fruit] piano 
11. Visions of Shiva - How Much Can You Take (piano on beat) "shiva" -split-
12. Sven Vath - L'Esperanza (Hope Will Move Mountains Mix) [Eye Q] inst
13. Optical Phase - Tranvision (Trancevision) sounds like french kiss 
14. Vapourspace - Gravitational Arch Of 10 (Original Version)
15. Dr Fernando! - High Pressure [Music Man] acidy (gets higher)
16. Lost - Techno Funk [Perfecto] "pump the bass"
17. Matrix - Set Your Body Free (Free Club) [Tribeka] TUNE!
18. FPI Project - Come On (And Do It)  
19. [78:30] ??? "i want you, i need you, touch my soul" female 
20. [83:00] ??? inst
21. Jambo! - Drum Attack (Serious Rope Remix) [Wonka Beats] "come on attack me" male scat
22. Dub Commission - Concorde (Medium Sweet Mix) [Hubba Hubba] briefly

comment: very similar to Zammo @ Rhumba 4th June 93

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