Zammo, Justin Robertson + Finitribe @ Rhumba, 11th Oct '91
Fat Sams @ Dundee (2 x Tape)
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track
1. Kwanzaa Posse - Wicked Funk (Dimensions Of Blue Clouds Mix) "enter a dimension" female/ragga male rap "everybody run, everybodys got a gun"
2.  L.T.Y. feat UF Force - Funk Express [Metropolitan Police] "pump me up"
3. J. And V. - Evribady Bastardi [Technology] "everybody, dance"
4. Sound Clash Republic - Too Eastern Mysteries (Fabi Paras) ethnic
5. DSK - What Would We Do (Slam Remix) [Boys Own Productions]
6. Afrika Bambaataa - Just Get Up And Dance (DNA Remix) "unbelievable"
7. Afrika Bambaataa And Family - Soca Fever (Rock It)
8. The Ya Ya's - Looove
9. DJ Cisky feat Varial - Sequence Time (For Pesca Mix) [Flying] "thats right, na na na na" female
10. Lhasa Vol 2 - Transendence [Music Man] "on with the program"
11. Techno Fixx - The Edge (The Final Frontier Mix) [Strictly Rhythm]
12. Electrotete - Anjuna Dawn [WAU]
13. KCB - You Got Me Burnin Up [Strictly Rhythm] (briefly)

13. KCB - You Got Me Burnin Up [Strictly Rhythm] (cont)
14. Desire - This Dub Is Mine (This Club Is Mine Mix) "this beat is mine, you cant have it" female rap (samples Vicki D)
15. Georgie Porgie - Let The Music Pump You Up
16. Monarch - Forever Slammin (mix?) [Nervous] "please dont do it, let your body groove" male/broken beat
17. Thompson Twins - The Saint (Red Zone Dub)
18. Movement 16 - Um-Owe-Ey-Ahh
announcer "finitribe up next, Justin Robertson"
19. C-force - Dont Look Down (Steve Proctor Dub) sax / vocoder vocals (samples leftfield not forgotten)
20. Paris Red - Good Friend (Heavy Club Mix)
21. Photon Inc - Generate Power
22. Soundsource - Take Me Up (briefly)
23. Unity - Unity (Let The Rhythm Remix) "you got to, show a little unity"
Primal Scream - Dont Fight It, Feel It (Scat Mix) briefly
24. M1 - Dynomite [Emotive Records] "shoop" male scat/sax
25. React 2 Rhythm - Intoxication [Guerilla]
26. Photon Inc - Generate Power (acappella)
27. Blow - Cutter (Acid Mix) [10 Records] acidy inst / lazer gun noise
28. CJ Bolland - Ravesignal III - Horsepower [R&S]
29. DOP - Dance Spirit [Guerilla] "hu, oh yeah"
30. M.C. Showbizz and The Lap 1 Crew - Gotta Turn The Music Up (Hard-Core Dub) "you better, can you feel it" bleepy (briefly) 

Tape 2
1. M.C. Showbizz and The Lap 1 Crew - Gotta Turn The Music Up (Hard-Core Dub) "you better, can you feel it" bleepy (cont)
2. Digital Boy - OK Alright (DJ Herbie Remix)
3. Defcon Vol 4 - Dread At Controls [Dance Records Attack] "get out the ganja"
4. The Force Of Power - Force Of Power [Lower East Side] "the power" male rap 
5. Band In A Box - Get Dynamite
6. Erasure - Sweet Sweet Baby (Medi Mix) "you are my sweet sweet baby" piano/sax
7. Finitribe - Ace Love Deuce "peace, love" male
8. DOP - Future Le Funk [Guerilla]
9. De Melero - De Meleros Groove "let my body jack" samples rickster vocals / horn
10. Roundabout - Just Dance For Me [Hithouse] female/acidy
11. Movement 16 - Um-Owy-Ey-Ahh
12. Floppy House - In A Funk [FCP White Label] "1234"
13. Analogik-a - Mama Africa [AA8] sounds like dj dick - weekend
14. WestBam - Hold Me Back (with D-Rail feat Randy B - Bring It On Down acappella)
15. Rozlyne Clarke - Dancing Is Like Making Love (Dub 2)
16. SIL - Windows
17. Photon Inc - Generate Power (acappella)
18. Chimo Bayo - A Si Me Gusta A Mi (X-Ta Si, X-Ta No)
19. Agent X - Get Yourself Together (sax)
20. Lee Marrow - Dan Dan Dan
21. Sunscreem - Walk On (D-Cubed)
22. Jungle Crew - Elektric Dance
23. Scrappy - Dont You Wanna Dance (Dub) "yeah come on" male

1. SLD - Gettin Out
2. Technicida Volume 1 - E.P.S. [Flying] heavy techno (familiar)
3. Soundsource - Take Me Up
4. Supereal - Body Medusa [Guerilla]
5. MC Luigi & W Radio Deejay Team - Wooo (Dighidi Dagada) (Long Version)
6. Project XYZ - Its Just An Ecstasy "1234" male
7. Tranquillizer - Tranquillizer "you are a child of the universe" male
8. Seduction - Seduction (Wild Club Mix)
9. Bizarre Inc - Such A Feeling (Love Decade Mix)
10. MC Kinky - Inna We Kingdom
11. Little Louie Vega & Marc Anthony - Ride On The Rhythm
12. Ectasy - Gotta Have You (Georgie Porgie Club Mix) "got to have you, got to have ya, cos i want ya, a look of love" female/sax
13. Joey Negro - Do What You Feel
14. Human Resource - House Feelings [R&S] "feel my fire burning" female 
15. If? - Open Up Your Head (Trancefield Mix) "dont stop" robotic vocals
16. DSK - What Would We Do (Slam Remix) [Boys Own Productions]
17. [39:00] ? "dont dont stop" male/warehouse piano
18. The Tramp - Say No Dope "cocaine goes straight to your brain" male rap/sax
19. L.T.Y. feat UF Force - Funk Express [Metropolitan Police] "pump pump pump pump me up"
20. La Banderita - Mediterranea "generate" sax/spanish guitar Balearic TUNE 


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