Zammo @ Rhumba, 26th April '91
Roxannes @ Perth
1. Zero Zero - Waiting (Dub Mix 1) ragga male/piano (sounds like Bug Khann)
2. Gary Clail & On-U Sound System - Escape 
3. Mad Tim K & Crazy Skip - Love Is The Message [Hip Street] strings sound like a man called adam
4. JT Company - Rush [Beat Club]
5. P.U.L. - The Bigger Necessity [Flying] "love unity and peace" male 
6. Mind Body & Soul - The Now [MBS 002] "time is an invention, now is a reality, the moment the now" female
7. Atahualpa - Luna De Sangre [DFC] panflute 
8. Bass Bumpers - Cant Stop Dancing
9. Joy Salinas - Rockin Romance (I Go Slow)
10. Nitelite Cityrama - I Don't Need Nobody (Extended) [Highty Quinn] "youre no good for me, youre no good boy" female 
11. Level 2 - I Feel You Baby (Club Mix) [Out Records] "join the party line" female/doug lazy samples/piano 
12. Out Of Mind - Calling You [Out] "i love only you, deputy of love" male rap/piano 

1. Yello - The Race [1988]
2. Trust Unlimited - Trust (Good For You) [1989] "its good for me and its good for you too" spoken male
3. INXS - Bitter Tears (Lorimar 12 inch Version) "no wrong" male/piano/flute
4. The Shamen - Progen 91 (Move Any Mountain) (Bonesbreak Mix)
5. Paradise Orchestra - Colour Me
6. Magic Marmalade - Everybody Get Up "do your dance" male rap/horns
7. India - Right From The Start (Fly Mix)
8. Nexy Lanton - You Too (Club Mix) [Yo Bro] male scat/piano/sax 
9. W.L.D feat Jenny G - Dreaming Away (Club Mix) "pumpin up the jazz" sax / piano
10. Sue Chaloner - Answer My Prayer
11. Master Sync - For You [Hot] "what you gonna do" female rap/piano vanilla ice
12. Kurtis Blow - Throughout Your Years [1980] (tuunnee)
13. Bocca Juniors - Substance [JBO] "give me some substance, once more with feeling" guitar (downtempo)
14. Bass Biss - Keep It Up [Out] briefly

comment: possibly with Michael Kilkie

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