Rave FM (Nottingham) 8-2-92 - DiY Jack
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown tracks
[00:00] Desire - This Dub Is Mine (Wiggle It Deep Mix) "this beat is mine, you cant have it" female rap (samples Vicky D)
[03:00] Spiritual Suicide - Damage [Eight Records]
[08:20] Andronicus - Make You Whole
[16:20] Beat Club - Dreams Were Made To Be Broken
[19:40] Black Machine - Jazz Machine
[22:10] DJ Ivan - All Night [UMM] "lover who rocks you all night"
[28:00] Elixir Vitae - Aint No Doubt [Total Music] "theres no doubt in my mind"
[32:20] ? "cyber space" male
+ Corina - Loving You Like Crazy (Acc)
[39:00] Future Tense - Unreality [High Density] "is this the real life"
[43:40] ? piano inst
[47:00] ? "everybody yeah yeah yeah"
[51:20] Bam Bam Musique - Milk Of Magnesia (Knuckles Tribute Mix)
[57:00] Laura D - Be Alright (Dub Mix)
+ Sina - You Got Me Running (Acappella)
[62:40] Sure is Pure - Is This Love Really Real (Inst)
[68:00] Stories In Dubh - A Real Good Lover [Doctor Vibe] "real good good, satisfaction guaranteed" female
[72:40] The R.A.S.E - Get On Up (Boomin System Mix)
[78:00] The R.A.S.E - Get On Up (Groovy Disco Mix) "put your hands together" female/piano
[84:00] The R.A.S.E. - Say It Loud
[87:00] Strings Of The Strings Of Life


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