Kaos 12 - Danny Rampling (Garage) late 91
1. DJ Ivan - Feel The Music [UMM] "i wanna feel the music" female
2. Ralphi Rosario - Una Cosa De Amour
3. Martell - Do You Want Me [Clubhouse]
4. The Party - In My Dreams
5. Atelier - Got To Live Together [Oversky] "why cant we see weve got to live together"
6. Double Dealers feat Opi Williams - My Love [No Name]
7. Kenyatta - Love Again (Joey Negro Mix)
8. Sample Minded - The Sound Of Redness (Instrumental Dub)
9. Shay Jones - When Love Calls (Hurley's House Mix)
10. Deep Freeze Productions - Get Yo Body (Pumpin' Instrumental) [Go Beat] piano/female
11. DaYeene - It's Alright
12. Nikita Warren - I Need You (Luther King's Dream)
13. Valerie Johnson - Step Into My Life [Emotive] "why dont you, step" female
14. Ce Ce Peniston - Finally (Journey Mix)
15. Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives (Red Zone)
16. Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives (Classic Mix)
17. Jestofunk - Im Gonna Love You (Club Mix) "come with me tonights the night"
18. The Pasadenas - I'm Doing Fine Now (Silky Soul Mix)
19. Marathon - Movin
20. Ex-Girlfriend - You (Youre The One For Me) (Joey Negro Conversion Mix)
21. Degrees Of Motion - Do You Want It Right Now (King St. Mix)

comment: since been told this set is mixed by Steve Lee (not Rampling)

original tape cover

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