Farley Jackmaster Funk & Boy George @ Progress, Derby 1994
Farley Jackmaster Funk @ Hot To Trot 27-8-94
"and now Hot To Trot please join me in welcoming mr farley jackmaster funk on the decks inside the place"

1. Doobie Brothers - Long Train Runnin
2. Nush - U Girls (Look So Sexy)
3. Soundsation - Peace & Joy [Smokin Vinyl] "keep on dancin" female / lenny kravitz guitar riff
4. Mariah Carey - Dreamlover (Def Club Mix)
5. Praxis feat Kathy Brown - Turn Me Out (Swing 52 Mix)
6. Electric Choc - Shock The Beat
7. Clivilles & Cole - Pride (A Deeper Love) 2 copies
8. Donna Giles - And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going (Pride Mix)
9. The Hed Boys - Girls + Boys (Seka Mix)
10. Phoney Fables - Spring (Tall Paul Remix) inst
11. Atrax - You Need Someone [Undiscovered] "their only out" ten city / similar riff to livin joy dreamer
12. Bobby Brown - Two Can Play That Game (K Klassic Mix)
13. Livin Joy - Dreamer (Piano Mix)
14. The Ethics - To The Beat Of The Drum (La Luna)
15. Donna Summer - I Feel Love
16. Head Nodding Society - Head On (Refined Work) [Work]
17. Shades Of Rhythm - Chicken Flied Lice (Sweet and Sour Mix) [The Wandering Dragon ep] "music, deep inside of me" male
18. Tapp - Shake That Ass [Work]
19. Disscode - I Want You Boy "i want you, i wanna get loose" female/piano
20. Mr Roy - Something About You
21. Tinman - 18 Strings

Boy George
"in his replacement please join me in welcoming on the decks inside the place mr boy george thank you"
1. Shirley Bassey - Im In The Mood For Love
2. Dream Frequency - You Make Me Feel Mighty Real (Dancing Divaz Remix)
3. Loleatta Holloway - The Queen's Anthem (Cummin In My Rollers Mix)
4. II Real, D Day - Chicken Soup Song "get down, you make me feel feel feel, i need a little" female/backwards funky guitar
5. Junior Vasquez - Get Your Hands Of My Man (A Dub 4 Junior)
6. Itchy & Scratchy - Crowd Jumpin (Itchin + Bitchin ep) [Spot On] "lookey here the crowd is jumpin, hey" technotronic vocal sample
7. The Purple Kings - Thats The Way You Do It (samples dire straits money for nothing)
8. Tinman - Eighteen Strings (Original Nirvana Mix)
9. Pizzaman - Trippin On Sunshine
9. Pizzaman - Trippin On Sunshine (cont)
10. Soundsation - Peace And Joy (Original White Label Version)
11. Sophie's Boys - Sweet Attitude "yum yum music" male
12. House Proud - Another Party [Slapback] "yall want this party started"
13. Taiko - Echo Drop (Hard Mix)
14. S.L.P. - Supernova (Mombasa Mix)
15. The Reese Project - The Colour Of Love (Playboys Vocal Mix)
16. Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives
17. Raze - Break For Love

comment: bit strange this pack as the Farley Jackmaster Funk tape is introduced as Hot To Trot, ive seen more than one of these packs and they're all the same.

original tape cover



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