Progress @ Derby 1995 - Boy George & Marshall Jefferson
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Boy George (also in Complete Collection Pack 3)
1. Lippy Lou - Liberation (Shut Up & Slick Mix)
2. Eve Gallagher - You Can Have It All [Cleveland City]
3. Rhyme Time Productions - You And Me (Hard Mix) [Cleveland City]
4. League Of Sinners - Love Vs. Hate "people love, people hate" male
5. Dreadzone - Zion Youth (Dan Donovan Mix) dub
6. Tesox - Funky Bassline [Plastic City]
7. Minty - Useless Man
8. Paperclip People - Throw + speech "feel real good tonight"
9. Shytalks - Touch The House "help me touch the heights" female
live sax & guitar
10. Forthright - How Sweet The Sound "I once was lost, but now im found" male
11. Quivver - Twist & Shout
12. Deja Vu - Deja Vu
13. Donna Giles - And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going (Stonebridge Poppers Full Delight Mix)

Marshall Jefferson
1. Layla - Gotta Find Love (Marshall Jefferson Club Mix)
2. Marshall Jefferson feat Curtis McLean - Step By Step [Freetown inc] "lets step it up now"
3. Danell Dixon - Dance Dance [Nite Grooves]
4. Black Science Orchestra - New Jersey Deep [JBO]
5. Mike Dunn feat The MD X-Spress - God Made Me Phunky "god made me funky"
6. Alison Limerick - Where Love Live
7. Jeanie Tracy - Its My Time (Serious Rope Mix)
8. Donna Allen - Real (Def House Mix) "its got to be real, because if it doesnt feel the way i feel it baby" female
9. The Bucketheads - The Bomb!
10. Black Science Orchestra - Where Were You [JBO]
11. 51 Days - Tracktion [Touche]
12. Donna Allen - Real (The Resurrection Pt. 1)
13. Community feat Fonda Rae - Over Like A Fat Rat '95 (Victor Simonelli Club Mix)
14. [57:00] ? "its in your soul" female
15. Grant Nelson - Move This Rhythm (Dirty Club Mix) [Nice N Ripe]
16. Barbara Tucker - I Get Lifted (Underground Network Mix) [Strictly Rhythm]
17. [67:00] ? "raise your hands" male
18. Ce Ce Peniston - Keep Givin Me Your Love (West End Remix)
19. Sound Design - Bounce To The Beat
20. Donna Summer - Melody Of Love (Wanna Be Loved) (Classic Club Mix)
21. Love Happy - Message Of Love (CJ's Happy Club Mix) [MCA] "i bring the message of love" female/keys

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