Progress @ Derby 8th May 93 - Paul Daley (Leftfield)
1. Son Of God - Harmania (briefly) "hop hop diggity" male scat
2. Beat Master - Move Your Body [OUT] "i am the dream master, dreamaster" robotic
3. Face The Bass - Time Time [Next] "zulu, time time a good good time" male
4. Supreme Love Gods - All Over "here to help you" female/piano
5. Shi-Take - (In The Age Of) Perfect Virtue
6. B-Line - Come To It [Cleveland City] "come on" deep male voice
7. Avarice - Dreams Of Avarice (Part 1) [Cancan] female/ethnic
8. DJ Equalizer - Jus Rock! [Inner City] "just rock, ooh cant hold it, ow"
9. Rhythm Invention - Ad Infinitum (Ali Cooke Remix) [Warp] stuttery male/scratching
10. Acorn Arts - Vanilla [X-Gate]
12. LMNO - Silcock Express [Vivatonal] "someone somewhere wake me up"
13. The Tribesmen - Hot & Horny (Whip Me Dub) acidy
14. Mojácar - Touch Me [Discoid Corporation] male rap samples/female breathing/piano
15. Transonic - Sonic (Jellystone ep) [Theory]
16. Stealth Sonic Soul - Stealth Sonic Soul (Mukkaa Remix) [Limbo]
17. Bee Buzz - Ohh Ahh La La La
18. Stereogen - Hi-Q "I need freedom, attack the dancefloor like a bulldozer"
19. Remy & Sven - Piano Power
20. Billy Idol - Heroin (Ionizer Mix) "you dont have to be poor anymore, jesus is here" male
21. Goga Magoga - 00-02: Bekisia! [OUT] "please rock, yeah yeah" male
22. Peyote - Alcatraz
23. Interactive - Koma [Dance Street]

comment: announcer at the end thanks Paul Daley


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